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  1. I haven't read through all the 3 previous threads, so my apologies if someone already suggested this, but GIMP (freeware) has a suitable filter to achieve a style similar to the one in the game. After applying the comic filter I put another layer with something that looks like yellowed paper on top and set the layer to overlay. You can see the result below. Maybe not an artistic solution, but it takes about 5 minutes and the result looks decent enough imho.


    thanks for this. i'll try to find larger images and toy around with that method in gimp. I know some basic stuff, I just couldn't quite figure this out.

  2. Someone asked for some Jon Snow where he's not about to cry and it's pretty hard as he almost always looks that way. Found a few that might work though. Again, sucking at watercoloring them, so just offering them up. Threw in some Robb for good measure.






    Someone else requested some dwarfs, my wife gave me suggestions. She likes the beardless dwarves and saw plenty of bearded ones on the previous post. Also posted a female dwarf she liked.





    Rando's that I thought would fit the game




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  3. Any way someone could watercolor/convert this one for me? It is from one of the PoE 1 portrait packs and it was my go-to for my human watcher. I'd greatly appreciate any work anyone can achieve.



    tried myself and got this. Not the best, but not awful either. I feel like the wash isn't quite right and the lines aren't exactly pronounced either.




    Found Source

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