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  1. Rather than slowing down multiclass level advancement, it might be better to up the resources single class characters get. Making it even slower I think hurts the multiclasses too much, and you start to run out of low-level abilities to pick as well. And conversely, it's always seemed strange to me that multi-classes get more resources, at a given level than single class (more so with generic resources than spells, but even so). Makes more sense to (more or less) fix the amount of resource per level, and just split that across two pools for multi and put it all in the same for single (again obviously a bit different for spells, but a reasonable formula should be straightforward; maybe three per level instead of two, perhaps getting the third a bit later). 


    Boosting the late game powers more would be nice as well mind you. But I think there needs to be more difference from the start to really balance it out.

    I agree. Especially in the case of the "vancian" casters. If I'm not getting anything anything out of the tier 8/9 spells and I'm not looking to beeline to specific spell(s) ASAP then single class holds absolutely no value. And this is absolutely the case with Priest for sure 100% of the time. If Empower or Salvo get any nerfs in the coming patches it will probably be the case for Wizards too. Multiclass builds should be far more about specialization than they currently are. As it stands I think even the worst built multiclass is only neglibly behind the best built single class, and that single class builds can end up far worse than even that.


    I think a good start to dealing with this might be giving Single Classes an extra ability point at level 1, buffing Prestige, and reworking Great Soul into more empower/encounter rather than the pointless thing it currently is. But that's just my gut reaction.

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