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  1. Yep, I always hoped there would be some sort of fighting marathon where you can't rest where this would come in handy but after one playthrough: nope, seems nearly useless. I usually only empower with wizards/ciphers (some empowered wizard spells are a sight to behold), sparsely with Kana Ruas finishing blow and practically never with melee characters. There are a lot of things that felt strange, difficult to say if they are a bug or last minute changes that with other last minute changes make no sense anymore.

  2. I've never heard of them before the announcement from obsidian but thank god, I do know of them now. After watching the 2nd campaign to its newest episode, I started the 1st campaign too. Matt Mercer is truly a, hats off, great DM. Commenting on the players, a lot of the time it was different for me to figure out how much was roleplaying and how much was themselves. After watching them in both campaigns I was a bit surprised of how much more they were actually roleplaying. A lot of the time I catch myself thinking: "how would I have done it" and speculating that is a lot of fun, though the greatest moments for me are surprisingly not the actual game, but the inter character play. Very enjoyable and recommendable.


    Subclass wizards also can't cast spell from Grimoires if they are part of their forbidden school.


    At the moment I can see no convincing argument that would let me pick a wizard subclass.

    In theory if you're playign a wizard that all he does is nuke stuff, wouldn't the evoker be slightly appealing at least? Can't think of a reason to pick any of the other 4 though, if summoned weapons got a bonus damaged based on power level then maybe conjurer is decent but from what I know only their duration increases with power leel which is pretty meh.



    Its not just conjured weapons you lose, its also the conjuration spells like chill fog, which is very useful early on. One power level isn't really much, considering we saw even some pets who could improve power level by one. And since we don't know on first run which special spells there will be (late game probably) would suck if there is this awesome spell, but you cant use it. So, for first run, definitve generalist wizard, and if ever a specialist, then yeah, evoker.

  4. Beta is really good now, starting companions though still suck, rerolled two chars into multiclass (of course) with the starting money and game got enjoyable, even one level lower. Didn't find any bugs except the souldbound item, though maybe I didn't understand how it works.


    Looking forward to playing, if I hadn't backed, I'd buy it now. Too bad we still have to wait a month.


    Well, I didn't use GM much, but I finished her quest. She showed me/the player what a cipher actually is/can be in this world, other than: "some sort of psychic"; that she did very well.

    I blame the voice actress for much of what I don’t like about her character. Her side quest was a gut punch though.

    I don't get you people at all, i loved her voice acting!


    Y'all are weird.



    Well, I didn't use her much because she never felt like an adventurer to me. More like a patient who needed a psychotherapist/watcher to help her. Yet a cipher has a lot of nasty spells at hand, didn't seem right to use her like that. "Oh, those poor innocent children and their special bond to their mothers, let me help, but first I have to squish the brains out of some peoples ears"

  6. Is it possible to still join the beta by paying a price? I cant wait any longer to try playing this game :D


    I think so. Though gameplay/character developement will be severly different from whats now in the beta. There have been several announcements how it will change, none of them are in the beta since there wasn't an update. Its possible there won't be any until launch considering its less than a month now, though nobody knows for sure.


    Yeah, I should specify that I don't hate the current-BB STR-RES setup. 


    might is, in our opinion, a big mistake for deadfire.  we liked might in poe, but poe did not have multiclassing.  paladin/caster, monk/caster, rogue/caster, barbarian/caster, and almost every other combo o' anything/caster, is seeing exploitive builds taking advantage o' big weapon damage.  *chuckle* should be obvious many o' the current most unbalanced multiclasses is the combos which is gonna disproportionate benefit from a return o' might.  a warlock, which is already doing comical damage in the deadfire beta, will be affected in what way by a revert to might? will already excessive damage numbers increase or decrease? 


    am actual surprised by the proposed might revert from obsidian.  am hopeful there is a twitch soonish 'cause am gonna want to know what has changed since might were adopted to make a reversion anything other than a terrible idea. 


    again, we liked might in poe, but deadfire is not poe.  multiclass changes the equation.


    HA! Good Fun!



    Totally agree. Multiclass melee/caster sharing the same damagebonus attribute, bad idea, especially since healing is affected by it too. Just envision it, 4 multiclass spellthrowing conans and one very determined gaunt multiclass paladin/fighter.

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  8. Going back to PoE1 isn't possible bc concentration has been taken off, so resolve would be even worse. Why not totally scratch it, if it serves no purpose other than sounding good in RP? Otherwise (nearly) everyone will be running around with 3 RES, which to me sounds like some heavy depression character who wants to kill himself because his shoelaces are untied but can't because it seems too much of a hassle. ;) And why stop at 3? Why not let it go down to 0 or -10?


    So please either scratch it (which wont happen, bc 5 weeks left) or make it useful. Resolve means overcoming seemingly unsurmountable obstacles, geez, its actually the main stat of every hero in any fantasy story; in any good story. Why introduce it if you treat it so stepmotherly?

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    * We continue to talk regularly about Might/Strength and Resolve.  As always, there are difficult problems to solve here.  The easiest path would be to revert to the way Pillars I Might and Resolve worked, which seemingly would make more players happier and result in less weirdness when building certain character classes.  We had high hopes (or I did, anyway) for the Concentration gain idea, but there were logistical problems and practical balance problems with that approach.  We also discussed a passive Power Level gain derived from Resolve, but that also ran into problems.  We don’t have much time left to mess around with base attributes, so we’re discussing one final idea, which focuses on adding a random chance to Empower (or Depower, with low Resolve) any active ability when used after a short time has elapsed in combat.  If this design does not pan out, we are likely to revert to Pillars I Might/Resolve.




    From Josh


    My current math pegs it at 3% per point over/under 10, so at 20 you're looking at a 30% chance to Empower any given ability. Casters, in particular, tend to use more abilities over the course of fights (especially as levels stack up), so I think it could be especially appealing.

    The rational side of me doesn't like the idea of investing in Yahtzee attributes, but a lot of people enjoy the occasional super saiyan moments.



    Wait, what? The whole issue came from Resolve being a weak stat, so they moved spell damage to it. Now they discuss empower chance being added to it and if that makes no sense they revert back to might for all? So either Resolve: +spell damage and power level OR back to Might for convential damage and spell damage with nothing for resolve. Wouldn't it rather be if they revert back, resolve gets this bonus? Or does that mean, no more spell damage bonus whatsoever? Wouldn't that make strength a dump stat again? I don't get it. And what is "a short time elapse"? Sure that avoids opening with a lucky break, but I don't like hard caps.

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