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  1. My opinion is that this is kind of the point of PotD difficulty, for it to be a huge challenge where you actually need to take into advantage of all the resources that are available to you and use them creatively, and you also need to know the ways to handle fights. For example, for the Drake fight at the Engwithan Digsite, there are features on the field like ramps which you can use as choke points. Also there are gunpowder barrels that you can use to gain an advantage. For the looter fight in Gorecci Streets, you can skip the looters by sneaking past them to get to the NPC to finish up the quest which makes the looters despawn, or you can pull the looters to a corner and use line-of-sight and deaggro mechanics to make the fights more manageable.

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  2. In trying to meet a Resolve (RES) attribute check, I found some inconsistency in the way attributes stack.


    I have a base RES of 3.

    With Berath's Blessings, my RES = 3 + 2 = 5.

    With Berath's Blessings, equipment (+7 from various sources), my RES = 3 + 2 + 7 = 12. (Equation 1)

    With Berath's Blessings, equipment (+7 from various sources), Rice Wine from resting (+2), my RES = 3 + 2 + 7 + 2 = 14.


    The above situations work as expected.


    If I now consume a Ripple Sponge which should give +3 RES for a total of 17 RES, I instead have a total of 15 RES. Effectively, the Ripple Sponge only grants +1 RES.


    Now if I don't rest with Rice Wine, I have 12 RES (see Equation 1 above), as expected. After consuming a Ripple Sponge, I have a total of 15 RES. Effectively, the Ripple Sponge grants the full +3 RES.


    I have a save file before resting with Rice Wine if it helps with finding a fix for this bug, but I cannot upload it here because I don't have permission to upload that kind of file. Or if it's not a bug, some clarification on the math would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Did something change with how the wiki handles searches? Pages (stubs) that were already created/populated through scanning in-game files somehow do not show up when searching for them with a string. For example, if I search for "Ori o", there are no results, but there is clearly already a page "Ori o Koīki"; another example, searching for "Bounty - Tor" also shows no results, but there is already a "Bounty - Torkar" page. I could've sworn the searches worked differently previously...?

  4. I just found this thread, and I just want to say thanks to all the users and especially Tagaziel for kickstarting work on the Deadfire wiki!


    I've been editing pages as I do my first playthrough, mostly just for the sake of learning how to edit the wiki, apply templates etc. And of course, contributing information on item stats and acquisition information because I think that's what many people will be accessing the wiki to find. Anyway, I just found the Blightheart in-game and gave it to Aloth, so I'm slowly editing the Blightheart page as it grows with Aloth. I used the Soulbound weapon table from the POE1 wiki (Stormcaller to be precise) and basically hid all the entries that I don't have data for. Hope this isn't stepping on anyone's toes, and if I am, please let me know.


    Looking forward to contributing more to the wiki!

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