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  1. i may change my pic to a turtle or something.... he'd prolly hit on that too

  2. yeah he is. creeeeeeeeepy

  3. karate chops krookies head off

  4. ....should i be scared???

  5. im kind of confused. that pics from like 4 years ago tho...

  6. woops i messed up on that comment

  7. if u want a stupid ones who wants to let someone call her superior than a man than go ahead. ggrrrrrrr

  8. ill consider the whole love thing if you take back the sexist comment

  9. oh got it.... never mind i was thinking of something else

  10. wait, whats a PM??? ( im not as retarded as u think...)

  11. your too prettty for me??? lol. well i dont remember us being best friends

  12. the sexist comment is in a message

  13. hey now. u did that urself with the sexist comment *glares*

  14. hes kinda creepy and sexist

  15. lol im leaving u a comment bc i was the only one on that forum that was like oh creationism and so i was all like yay! so um yeah.

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