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  1. 6 hours ago, melkathi said:

    Baldur's Gate 3 will be a turn based, co-op rpg with environmental puzzles, ham-fisted writing and trying too hard to be funny? 

    I'm worried about Larian music because Kirill Pokrovsky passed away so we will never hear more amazing music.

  2. Inside ‘Hellboy’ Reboot’s Fiery Shoot: Fights Over David Harbour, Cinematography and a Tree 


    One insider described a prolonged dispute over a surreal tree that figures prominently in the film. Marshall wanted a realistic-looking, asymmetrical tree. But the insider said Levin overruled him, insisting on a symmetrical tree. Then, in postproduction, the tree became asymmetrical again. Singer disputed any suggestion that Levin “somehow mucked it up in a back-and-forth tug-of-war over symmetry versus asymmetry,” adding: “The design of the tree, like hundreds of other design elements in the movie, went through an exhaustive design and evolution process.”

  3. The Hellboy remake just debuted to a dismal 11% at RT, and is expected to do about $16M on opening weekend. Again, Del Toro's Hellboy died for this. :(

    I'm curious about audience scores. Even I have no expectations, But honestly, I don't believe rotten tomatoes reviewer after this The Last Jedi trash. Del Toro's artwork really did better job. But I don't like Hellboy 2 writing.


    Don't know Cowboy Bebop but I'm interested in seeing whatever Shakir is in after his role in Luke Cage


    Watch. English dubs. It transcends anime, you will not regret it.


    Steve Blum really did great job.

  5. Okay, so what the hell?



    Well, now I've got 28 days to decide. Since there's no way for a backer to wait for a key on some other platform I'm leaning towards a refund. The other option I'm thinking about is something I can't post here, but it involves letting them keep my pledge and getting the game through some, uhm, different means of distribution.


    I don't get why. I assume it's about money, of course, but what are the parties getting here? Epic gets a game that the teenage wangsters on Fortnite wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole and Snapshot Games puts a game on Epic's store that nobody is going to buy there. Neither the backers nor the investors on Fig can't be happy with this move. I for sure am not.


  6. Looks better than the first trailer But it's a shame to see Daimio's Were form so small. And also I think those idiots in charge couldn't tell that the blue coloring here wasn't representing actual literal blue lenses.


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  7. I’m so sad that BPRD series is ending in a matter of months. Of course, the Mignolaverse will live on through miniseries and the like set in the past, but it’ll probably be the last time we ever see Hellboy.  ;(


    Not just Hellboy, There are so many cool agents like Liz, Abe, Howards, Johann, Daimio, Enos, Kate, Roger and Panya. 


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