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  1. Because you are playing on a difficulty labeled Unfair and complaining that it is indeed Unfair. If you want a challenge with the combat, then you have it and you need to figure out how to overcome it.


    That the tabletop was never balanced around such a difficulty has little to do with it; since throwing a swarm at a level 2 party with little to no way of dealing with them is a death sentence in the tabletop as well.



    I'm not playing on Unfair, I'm playing on Hard. It was a decent experience until you leave the prologue. After that it's just complete bull.

  2. Or you can buy alchemist fire flasks, but why do that when you can whine because the game is "too hard".

    The game gives you a hint and a couple of flasks, it's your fault if you refuse to make use of them not the games.


    Except that the flasks only do 1 damage if you're playing on anything above normal.


    I'm not "whining", there are legitimate problems with the game but you're too blind to admit it.


    Yes, they're not difficult.

    And a tip straight from one of the loading screens that actually help against them (if you have any useful AoE spells, or any AoE prolly), you can use "control" on your keyboard to lock AOE onto targets, and then toggle with "control" to unlock and redo it, if needed.



    Unless you happen to not have an arcane caster, then you're screwed.

  4. The game uses an estabilished system, all they can tweak is difficulty, and there's a bunch of sliders so you can do that yourself.


    Yeah an established system that is beyond flawed. The sliders make it even worse because it means they don't even have to bother tuning encounters or anything, just tell the players to mess with the settings. Why craft a reasonable challenge when you can just boost the enemy stats to ridiculous proportions? 

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  5. So I backed this game and boy uh I guess I hate it? I really want to keep playing but there are so many horrible things about it that make me want to tear my hair out.


    Going around the map is really tedious and with fatigue setting you have to stop and camp or your stats get shot to high hell. The difficulty is all over the place and the settings are vague as to what's a good challenge and what's nigh impossible. Even with an optimized party you will miss 90% of the time while one lowly bandit can KO your entire party with three crits in a row.


    The alignment system is extremely cumbersome in certain circumstances. One party member is a cleric of a "neutral" deity and when responding to his faith the good option is to insult him, the neutral option is to make fun of him, and the "evil" option is to respect his beliefs.


    I know this is a new game with a new company and I really want to like it, but it really seems like they had no Idea what a CRPG needs to be today for it to be enjoyable in the slightest.

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