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    It's funny because someone made a poll thread to ask if people actually play PotD and 29% said they do/would/will.


    A third of the people on the forums that saw and could be bothered to reply to that poll, not the entire playerbase. We don't have any idea of what the actual numbers are. OBS might, if they get that sort of telemetry. (I know Paradox has some idea of the stats for their games, but even then, they're steam only). We don't know - unless anyone does and would like to bring some statistics to the table - for example, how many copies PoE2 has thus far sold/backed verses how many folk posted in that thread.


    The truth is that you are going to get a much larger proportion of PotD-players on the forums because a) PotD is not satisfactory yet and b) by their very nature PotD fans are going to be those that are naturally more keen (and thus inclined to care and voice discontent) than the average player. (Heck, all of us that can be arsed to post stuff on the forums are). So it is more than likely that, out of the number of responders to that polls, the numbers are disproportional to the overall number of players.


    How much? I have honestly not idea. It might be a lot lower. It might be a lot higher (though that seems less likely). But let's not assume that is an entirely reliable figure, given there is a fair amount of selection bias.


    All we know is that OBS is working on the problem and they'll get to it. After all, making the hardest difficulty actually hard (not just lazy-hard with increased monster stats, like the tedium of Heart of Winter in IWD2 (I got bored after the first part and gave up)) is going to require more thought - and honestly, the extra eyes of the mechanics optimisers that will see things that the Devs won't - to get balanced right. I wouldn't think it is even reasonably possible without a good couple of iterative goes at it.


    Obsidian said it is the least played difficulty setting, which I'm assuming is why they threw it down the line in their priorities.



    So I went digging through the companion data text files out of curiosity, and Eder is definitely not player romance-able, which is gonna be a major bummer to a lot of people. He also doesn't get together with Xoti, it seems, which will cheer everyone up again until the read the next part.



    ... He can, however, and as a disclaimer I haven't gotten it to trigger in-game yet so I don't know if this is actually implemented or not, but he can get together with

    Iselmyr, even though she's in Aloth's body. Aloth is rather unenthused about this and talks to you about it. Personally, I think that's a bit icky for poor Aloth. Also, Eder constantly states he doesn't like dudes, and Iselmyr is kinda permanently in a man's body as a secondary personality. >.>




    Whaaaaat. Okay, I'm perfectly fine with Eder not being an option for the Watcher, but THIS (if true) really does seem like trolling on the devs' part. What the heck. 


    It's in the game data! I dunno the rules on image linking on this forum, but I can screenshot all the Eder/Iselmyr stuff and chuck it in an Imgur gallery or give you the directions to the data file itself for you to read if you need the proof.


    Ok can I just say that while that sounds super stupid my new POE II goal is to set up Eder and Iselmyr while romancing Aloth. Challenge mode engage.

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  3. Oh man, always this drama about romances in a video game.


    I see it that way, that romances are a topic where the developers simply cannot win/gain anything. They can only lose because no matter what they do, they cannot cater to all tastes, likes and preferences equally. Mind you not only the sexual preferences, but everything that involves the broader topic of romances.


    In this specific instance there seems that a certain character is not available for romance (though I guess it's not 100% verified yet). Rejection hurts, doesn't it? Even if its just by a fictitious character.


    Remember Pillars of Eternity 1, where there were no romances at all?

    Well seems almost better that way, doesn't it? Because then it's equal for everyone. Nobody will be able to romance any of the NPCs then. But now in Deadfire romances have been introduced, but Edér doesn't seem to be available. Well, shame on the developers!


    As I see it, the developers were very reluctant to introduce romances to the game series. I may have my suspicions as to why.

    All that drama that romances bring. Of course, the drama also happens when you don't include any romances. People will be outraged. So you introduce romances and you hope you will appease people. Oh no ho ho ho, you couldn't have been more wrong!


    Now people will be enraged because not every single possible preferences (and again I'm not only talking about sexual preference) was included: Edér doesn't seem to be romanceable.


    Must be an agenda by the devs. How dare they to not cater to my needs? It must be because they want to teach me a lesson! How dare they to teach me a lesson?!


    That's the great irony of the topic of romance. It creates so much fury, hate, frustration, resentment and contempt that in the end I think any reasonable developer would have to wonder if it's worth it. But don't expect any less contempt when you don't include them in the first place. People will always find a reason to make the devs lose on this topic, no matter what they do.


    As always, just my subjective opinion, which you may or may not agree to. :)

    While I certainly agree in general that not including romances is not a slap in the face, this particular romance was the most asked for. Making it one of the only two that is not available is a poor reading of their playerbase at the least. This is especially true since as mentioned his reasoning is he's not in the right mindspace right now, which is clearly an excuse on the character's part/writers not being able to come up with a better reason seeing as he gets with apparently another party member. It's super weird to take one of the most requested romances and say not only can you not romance them, but this npc can.

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    If Eder really isn't romanceable, it'd really make absolutely no sense because his sexuality was flaunted quite a lot in PoE1. I've also seen people say he can get together with Xoti, so it'd make even less sense. Like how is it remotely believable writing that Eder is okay with showing interest in several female characters but suddenly outright refuses a female player character for no particular reason?


    This is one of the clunkiest things I consistently see with game romances IMO.  Sometimes it's done well in a believable way (like Aveline in DA2 - she is just *so* oblivious), but when an NPC's sexuality and general interest in relationships is established in game, and they turn the PC down for nebulous "you're like a brother to me" reasons, it kind of comes off as arbitrary dev "because we don't wanna" reasons.  In that case, I tend to prefer that the flirt options just aren't even there for that character.


    It does seem a bit weird, especially seeing as he was the favorite companion from the first game according to their little survey thing. Also because he's always the one who looks out for you rather than giving you the same "omg you crazy person stop staring into space." Maybe that is what they meant by nuanced? That such a relationship can just be platonic. Still, I want to kick whoever made that decision. Especially after making this.


    I mean come on Obsidian.

  5. Just wanted to chime in on all the complaints in this thread and others.


    We all know games like this are infamous for being buggy. We all know Obsidian has a record of releasing buggy games at launch. We also all know this game and the previous one would have never been made if they were under the hand of some big AAA publisher.


    I get the complaints. People spent their hard-earned money for this game and to back it and give feedback via the beta, but I think we should all just be a little more patient and appreciate what kind of games we are getting from Obsidian. They are a super small studio with limited resources. If you've watched the Road to Eternity video there is literally is a person who does the coding and some marketing, and some project management, etc.


    The game is really fun, even with these issues. If it's bugged with PoE1 import file that stinks, but I'm still having a fun time. I know I will be playing through it a few times, so I'm just pushing ahead and enjoying what I've played so far.

    That video is from when they were on the verge of bankruptcy which is no longer true. It feels like they didn't even play their own game for 15 minutes as the save game import/create history problems seem to be universal. How did they not notice them when you only have to play that long to hit two of them?

  6. Ok, there is something seriously off about save import.


    Earlier I had a conversation option "Who are you?" as the result of "my choices in PoE1". I don't seem to know Eder, and he doesn't seem to know who am I.

    I would guess that the game is reading it as you set the story manually, hence the option to ask who he is. Also I got that response when I said something about Berath I think. I never asked who he was.

  7. So, question: Do people who don't use these codes get access to these items or is it only people who input the codes who receive them? My thinking is as its a community event, maybe all the codes need to be found by a few people of the community for it to be unlocked automatically for anyone who owns the game. I mean I would prefer it if it was unique to those who entered the codes only but yeah.

    I would prefer it the other way around since it is supposed to be for the community, but I had to enter in the codes myself. Only then did things unlock.




    I know absolutely nothing about what you are talking about But I am going to ask questions to learn more. That's not falling on a LGBTQ spectrum is it? Like I would be straight but only interested in sex. Or homosexual but only interested in romance. That's not my sexuality it's more like a behavioral choice? Like just to me it seems like aromantic is code for someone with a form of sex addiction. And if not how would you distinguish between sex addiction and aromantic? 


    What? Oh, no.  You're jumping to pretty much the exact opposite end of things.

    Someone who's asexual doesn't have interest in sex.  Generally when people use 'aromantic' they mean someone who isn't interested in sex OR romance.  No dates or late nights cuddling on the couch or whatever, but also not mindless boning.  They've friendzoned the world (if they're social) or tend to be work/project focused (if they're not)


    Think of it as more like the vegan/vegetarian spectrum.  One is excluding more things than the other.



    Actually, there ARE people who are aromantic but not asexual, just like there are people who are asexual but not aromantic. (As well as people who are both, of course.)


    Sure.  But, but -generally- when the topic comes up, they're connected.  

    Aromantic sex often just gets a shrug and 'Eh, college.'     Not everywhere of course, and it isn't universally true, but I've meet a lot of people who think avoiding casual hook-ups is aberrant behavior.   It's certainly well represented in tv and media.  And politics of course, with those darn kids and their lack of morals destroying the country.  Or some nonsense like that. 


    That isn't what being aromantic is. It's looking at everyone and feeling no romantic attraction (so like they're cute/handsome/sexy, I'd want to hold hand with them, etc). Adding the sexual means, but still having sexual attraction (I know I only want to have sex with x gender). Never met someone like that before though. Romantic asexual yes, aromantic sexual no.

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