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  1. Say KOTOR III has about 6 planets, these are the ones I want.


    Coruscant: The reason is because I want our Jedi to explore this awesome planet and maybe visit the Jedi Temple.


    Mandalore: I want this planet because I want something all out to happen between the Mandalorians and possibly the Sith. A battle could form here.


    Alderaan: I kinda want to visit this planet because of its awesome features. There are a lot of cool things there, and maybe some form of unrest can be found there in the game.


    Mustafar: Maybe we could get a chance to see it while it was still lushious and green. There were Jedi Temples there, but they ended up getting destroyed. It might be a cool place to check out.


    Kamino: I just want to see what it was like before Episode II.


    An Unknown Regions Planet: A planet in the Unknown Regions would be good. Maybe you could find Revan there. Or maybe it could be inhabited by the Sith.


    Those are some planets I want to see. :lol:

  2. I heard this name like around 4 times so far in the game. What is it supposed to mean? Some kind of insult or something?


    A schutta is a weasel-like animal indigenous to Ryloth. Twi'leks insulted sapients by calling them "schutta." It was also a favorite insult of some humans, such as Atton Rand.


    I took this off of "wookiepedia" and I read it in a book. :thumbsup:

  3. I have a question.


    I read that Atton fights Disciple if you have more influence with the Disciple on Malachor V. I just have one question, how do we know who we have more influence with? Because some people (not me, I don't care that much) don't want to see Disciple or Atton die there. Atton can go ahead and die (or win) in his fight with Sion. Do we have to just guess?




    Well, it's quite obvious during gameplay. It would happen if probably all the Atton/Disciple scenes were triggered and the ones between Atton and Kreia, where Kreia says that "our time will come."


    Ok, but how do avoid them from fighting? I usually watch all the videos and get full influence with them both. Or should I not watch the video where they fight? (I usually want to.) Reply back if you know.




  4. I have a question.


    I read that Atton fights Disciple if you have more influence with the Disciple on Malachor V. I just have one question, how do we know who we have more influence with? Because some people (not me, I don't care that much) don't want to see Disciple or Atton die there. Atton can go ahead and die (or win) in his fight with Sion. Do we have to just guess?




  5. He is just saying that you should be able to. Though I fail to see the purpose of visiting Mustafar. Mainly because 4000 BBY, it's a lush green world for the Jedi. I fail to see the reasoning behind having to see all the planets that were in the movies.


    Naboo - Early in colonization. Unless we want to listen to babbling Gungans then this needs to stay far, far away. 

    Tatooine - Been there.

    Coruscant - Only one that probably needs to be seen.

    Kamino - This place does have some Jedi history because of it's hidden artifacts (due to the destruction of Ossus) but it'd been nothing like in AOTC so your pratically better off without it.

    Geonosis - Barren rock. Even the natives are scarce.

    Utapau - Neutral world at this point. Too much like Manaan.

    Mustafar - Lush Jedi world. That's what we have Dantooine for.

    Alderaan - As much as I would like to see this world, it's just not worth while and would have nothing to offer except "artists and scholars".

    Yavin - I wouldn't be surprised to see this at all.

    Hoth - Barren ice world. Known only to smugglers and pirates. Simply nothing to be gained.

    Bespin - Unknown planet until 2000 BBY.

    Endor - It'd be like visiting a National Park.


    Oh, okay.


    I agree with you on all of the planets from the movies. Coruscant is the one of the only ones I really want to see. But if not any of those planets, which ones? Do you want to see new planets within the Unknown Regions, or some from the different KOTOR games, or planets that we have read about in novels and books? I want Coruscant, some from the Unknown Regions and novel planets. That could make the game interesting.

  6. It's hard to talk about KOTOR3 with out speaking about KOTOR 2.


    Influence system:


    The influence system in KOTOR 2 was an intresting idea.  The implementation of the system was decent, however the player feedback was non existant.


    Players were not able to tell why they had not gained influence with certian characters, (Example Handmaiden would give off influence failure messages if you did not spar with her 3x, no matter how much influence you gained with her over the course of your travels). 


    Players were not able to redeem themselves after saying something foolish.  (Example: In my attempts to convert handmaiden to a Jedi I got a little annoyed with the influence failures and basically told her to shut up.  After which point she would not speak with me again)


    There were a number of planets in which the player lost his ability to gain influence with their party. Malachor V, The Raveger, and Korriban.  All of these places had 0 influence gain for the members of your party.  Considering that hand maiden's "Do you wish to spar?" is based on your characters level.  So if the handmaiden was one of the first people the player tried to earn influence with he could miss out on earning influence with everyone else in his party until late in the game.  At which point there was no more ability to gain influence with your party members.


    Players who took 2 party members with them that could gain influence off of a quest could not pick who gained that influence.  It seemed somewhat random. 


    Finally it wasn't clear when the influence was maxed out.  So that you could stop taking that person with you in your party and focus on gaining influence with others.


    I think these things need to be made clear to the player in KOTOR 3.  So that a player doesn't spend a lot of time trying to earn influence (when they can not) with one specific character and neglect the others in their party.    Suggestions: Add some sort of an influence meter to the character screens, always have a way to "take back" something you've said, and finally allow the player to some how pick the person he wishes to influence if 2 party members can gain influence via the quest that was just completed.




    KOTOR 2's planets were satisfying to visit.  However I would say that 1-2 more planets were needed to provide my self with a feeling of a large universe.  The player visited what seemed more like a tutorial level (Ebon Hawk & the mining station), then went to telios, dantooine, korriban, Duxn/Onderonn, the ravager and finally Malachor V.


    The player had previously visited Telios, Dantooine, Korriban in the previous game.  Which left few "new areas" to explore.  This made the game feel less expansive than it's predecessor.


    I would certianly like to see around 4 new planets to explore in KOTOR 3.  I don't mind seeing old planets like tattoine, dantooine, korriban, but no matter how these planets age or what happens to them it just seems like you've been there before and there is little new to do there in terms of exploration.


    I'd also like to suggest that a Force Sensitive planet be added in for KOTOR 3.  Think of this place like the Jedi Academy from Jedi Knight 2.  Where the players force abilities allow him to do things like open doorways, blow out fires blocking passages, move objects around to allow him to climb to higher locations and find hidden materials.




    It would be nice if the player had the ability to use a lower rank of a force ability (Example: Force Persuade instead of Dominate mind) in instance where it was needed.  There were areas in KOTOR 2 where you could force persuade people only if you did not have dominate mind.


    Force Jumping.  In KOTOR 1 when ever I would chose to attack an object at range my character would automatically force jump to their location.  In KOTOR 2 this did not happen.  It would randomly occur when I pressed the "attack" option, but not if I selected fury attack, power attack or anything else.  This should be fixed for KOTOR 3.




    While I do appriciate the randomness of some of the loot in KOTOR 2.  I find it highly annoying not to be able to retrieve enough lightsabers, robes for those who I turned into Jedi to use for half of the game. 


    I suggest implementing a random loot system where you could create "Loot Pools". Similar to what they've done in World of Warcraft.  When you kill a boss you are gaurenteed to get an item of a specific quality level.  However the item may be a staff, a gun, a peice of armor etc.  This system is still random but it's random with constraints.  So that one time you don't loot a double bladed lightsaber from a container and other time recieve some broken items.


    I would also suggest adding in some checks on looting on the players party to determine how many force sensitive people there are as a whole so that enough lightsabers, and lightsaber parts drop for the player to be able to equip them propperly.


    If the above is not done then there are 2 options I see:


    1) Allow all party members who are force sensitive to be trained on how to create their own lightsaber.


    2) Add a vendor somewhere that has some lightsaber's , lightsaber parts and robes in stock.


    Also please add in more "Crystal caves" across various planets.  The one on dantooine was nice but due to the randomness of the loot system it was possible to get multiple of the same useless crystals along with the "Your name crystal".


    One last thing on loot.  If the "Your Name" crystal is going to make it into KOTOR 3, please make sure that the player has the ability to upgrade his crystal before the final battles.  For example in KOTOR 2, once you were told to go to dantooine kreyia wouldn't speak to you about anything else until you got there and started your way down the path to the final battle.  I had to revert to a previous save game where i was fighting the final battle on onderonn, walk out of the palace and down to the security check point in order to get kreyia back into my party, upgrade my crystal and then I had to re-beat the level I had already passed because kreyia wouldn't talk to me afterwards.  It would also be good if the player was given some sort of queue in game to let him know when the crystal could be upgraded rather than having to continually prod NPC's like a kid on vacation "Are we there yet?"


    Space Battles (I.E. Gun turrets)


    I've recently replayed both KOTOR 1 and KOTOR 2 on my new HD TV (LCD) and one thing that I found rather upsetting was the fact that it was extremely difficult to detect the "Sith fighters" on the black stary backgrounds.  This was obviously due to the LCD black level preformance.  However many gamers especially those with 360's now have LCD screens with black level preformance much worse than mine.  I'd like this to be taken into consideration in the future for KOTOR 3. 




    I would personally like to see KOTOR 3 expand on all the information we've accumulated in KOTOR 1 & 2.  About these "True Sith", their location, and what they are planning. 


    Perhaps a little back story on the "True Sith" and how they aquired their affinity to the force.  The force tries to keep everything in balance.  So it is illogical that "The True Sith" are the first force sensitive beings in the universe.  I suspect that before the sith gained mastery over the force that they were a race similar to the mandalorians.  Fighting battle after battle, conquoring world after world.  If this is the case then it would seem likely that one of the worlds they defeated in battle by sheer numbers would be one filled with Force Sensitive People.  I'd expect this world to be highly advanced, using the force to power their ships and buildings.  But I wouldn't go so far as to say they were "jedi". 


    The population of this planet would be very knowledgeable about the force. In fact they would more than likely have deeper knowledge of the force than any Jedi or Sith ever has.  They know that for every action there is an equil and opposite reaction.  So rather than try to be "Light sided" or "Dark sided" they would try to remain neutral.  Avoiding situations which required them to take sides, and if they had to take a side they would make certian that they did something in the future in order to return balance to the force.  Being neutral these force sensitive people wouldn't have avoided expressing their feelings of love or hatred either.  Knowing that keeping these emotions supressed is even more dangerous than unleashing them in full force.


    Once the sith defeated this force sensitive world they aquired the knowledge of the people by force.  And began to master it's use.


    Are there any survivors left from this world?  We all know that the force can grant un-natural long life. If there are no survivors perhaps there is knowledge left on this conquored planet.  Knowledge of force abilities that the sith would never use due to their light sided nature, or knowledge of force abilities so powerful that the anchient people who once inhabited the planet kept secret from the sith so they could not be used. 


    If the force truely does try to keep balance, then why is there only "The True Sith" in the universe?  Where is it's counter part?  There should be some force in the universe that is equilly as powerful as the "True Sith" yet aligned with the light side of the force.  Perhaps they choose not to battle but instead rebuild what has been destroyed. 


    Which brings up another question, is every sith truely and purely evil?  Is every light sided person purely good?


    What happened to revan?  Could one of the most powerful jedi/sith ever have died?  Why did he have to go alone?


    And what of the exile?  It doesn't seem logical that one who uses a force bond to gain strength from others would head out alone to follow revans footsteps.  The bonds the exile makes through the force is what gives him power, if he is not close to them then isn't the bond severed and the power he/she has lost?





    The endings in KOTOR 1 were quite satisfying no matter how you played the game.  I did not find the ending in KOTOR 2 equily satisfying.  As a result I would like to see KOTOR 3's ending be as satisfying as KOTOR 1's. 


    What do I mean by satisfying?  You the player were rewarded for playing light side and given a medal, or you took over the galaxy on the star forge if you were dark sided.  That is closure.  I felt like I had accomplished something.


    KOTOR 2's ending felt anti-climatic.  A ship flying off into space.  Was that a beginning?  Was it an end?  I certianly didn't feel like it was worth the hours of effort I put into the game.

    well said and an answer to your question it felt like a begining to me becasue he going to set out to find revan and true sith but you have vist these planets mustafar and corsanct


    How do you know that the Exile is going to visit Coruscant and Mustafar? Or were you just saying that you should be able to?

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