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  1. Here's my take on it: Also I thought I'd share portraits I'm going to be using myself.
  2. As far as I know it was possible to set custom flags in Tyranny, I hope we'll be able to do it the same way for our ship's sails.
  3. Yep, I just edited one of the Obsidian images: Thanks mate. Yeah I think this would take some eye for drawing to actually pull of a decent version of your favorite custom portrait. I tried with photoshops pen tool/stroke path and well... If the game only uses a (really) small version of the watercolor versions I think it wont be that bad. Would be cool if someone at Obsidians graphics department would release the background they use but Eivenne's work quite well. Bless you for the idea of using the pen tool. Finally I found out that there's a way to make straight lines using a mouse In my case, it turned out that fill path works better than stroke path, it' a bit easier to control the thickness of the lines. Your portrait looks quite nice! I would color the face a bit, so that it has more depth. But I'm still working on that myself Here's my new version, still work in progress:
  4. Instead of creating romances and trying to fulfill everyone's needs, just give us a stretch goal with a tool to write dialogues. That way we could download a romance mod that suits our preferences, a custom made NPC, Eder or 3 companions at the same time. McGonagall.
  5. Yep, I just edited one of the Obsidian images: I don't suppose you do requests? I'm not sure right now, but it would be a great idea to use this thread to share our watercolor portraits and make requests, that way we could create a nice collection for those who use custom portraits
  6. Thank you guys for your kind words! It's still a work in progress, I'll defenitely use your tips iscalio, your version looks awesome! Would you mind sharing how you made it and which software you used?
  7. You have a year to work on your painting skill. I've already started working on my custom watercolor portrait Here's the original portrait (borrowed from here): And my watercolor portrait, compared to those from the Fig update: It could have been better, but I'm not that good with creating graphics :D
  8. My laptop is slightly worse than yours. In PoE the only problems I had were pretty long loading times and small lag while moving items around in the inventory. In Tyranny loading times were even longer plus in some areas there were special weather effects which caused terrible lags, making it really hard to move characters. I finished the game anyway because the story is amazing, but dealing with those issues wasn't pleasant. Those effects were specific to the game and I believe they won't appear in PoE2, but someone from Obsidian mentioned that there will be storms, and in my experience they might affect the performance. Time to start saving up for a new PC
  9. That's why I played PoE1 in English from the start. Besides, "Jelenioborze" does not appeal to me the same way as "Dyrwood" You are absolutely right. The translation wasn't that good anyway, sometimes I was getting lost and I had to switch to English to understand what the writer meant exactly :D But some names were awful, I especially hated different class names for female characters (barbarzynka, magiczka). I do hope that in Deadfire localizations will have better quality.
  10. I'm not a fan of this stretch goal, because playing the game in another language and hearing the English VO at the same time makes me a bit distracted. Perhaps I'll need to play Deadfire in English and then I'll appreciate more voices. But really, I can't wait for stretch goals with new content
  11. We already had some badass armours, which look a lot better than those in other games.
  12. Feargus mentioned that you need the "end game save", so I would assume you can't import a save in the middle of the game. You still have a year until PoE2, that's plenty of time to finish the first game
  13. There are also hunderds of portraits we can find online which look very similar to PoE's style. Now, if watercolor portraits will be used in conversations for every companion, we basically won't be able to use external portraits, because only our PC won't have one. I do hope they will reconsider that or at least make it optional. Of course you can argue that it's not a big deal, but those small things can make or break immersion.
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