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  1. I find the argument that Valve does not pay for exclusive rights a bit weak, since Valve simply never had to do so as market leader. I doubt that Valve would not try it if they were in the position of Epic. I see no fundamental difference in Steam or Epic, except that one preceded the other. I don't buy games that require the installation of pointless launchers but i find it schizophrenic when people bitch about Epic while they are defending Steam at the same time. Even more so since the games are only time limited exclusives as far as i understand it. Or are there any deals for permanent exclusiveness ? What i find weird is how they can spam the PoE site. Is there no requirement to own the game, for posting on Steam ? Or are the spammers owners of the game ?
  2. Heresy ! You are supposed to buy the game a second time, you ingrates !
  3. I don't think that works properly as an ingame explanation. Why have Eder and Aloth also lost their levels/abilities ? To be sure, i don't mind it but i don't think that there is a proper explanation regarding the aspect of continuity. While the explanation works for the Watcher, it does not apply to the other characters unless i missed something ?
  4. Could you elaborate that a bit ? Do you only need an online account on the epic store to buy and download games without any client installed on your machine ? Or am i required at any point to install some client from epic ? Do we know that OuterWorlds will be DRM free (no Epic required to run the game beside download and updates)?I was assuming it works like Steam? You set auto log-in and it just launches when you double click the game's icon on your desktop Ha! First of all I misunderstood you. After a bit of research Epic actually seems less invasive then steam. I am not 100% sure if it is true with every game (it might be up to developer/publisher) but from what I used of it it acts as a downloader and updater but it doesn’t need to even be installed to play games that were downloaded using it. I remember it was one of the counter arguments during the Phoenix Point backlash, and yesterday I run two games I downloaded via Epic Store without running the actual platform. That’s a big positive IMO.
  5. I find itemization also rather unsatisfying. Telling how an item will work out is hard since it rarely comes down to a simple inequality. In DND you have the simple +N system for weapons and armors which gives you a simple mean to recognize the quality of a weapon. This is somewhat lost in PoE II since you can raise the enchantment of most unique weapons. Also the side effects are often circumstantial and intricate in design making it very hard to tell how it will work out without actually testing it. I don't know how some people get all their knowledge about the mechanics, but i certainly have not such an understanding, even after finishing PoE II twice. Perhaps the system is more rewarding and fun if you like tinkering and testing, but one can find the system rather cumbersome and irritating if you are not that invested in the mechanics. I prefer a more straightforward system with linearity and some side effects which are clear cut. BG1/2 and IWD1/2 did that well in my opinion. I think this also creates the feeling that there are no great items in the game, since there is rarely a clear cut improvement going from one unique magical item to the next. I miss that in PoE II but i would not say that one approach is better than the other, it mostly depends on personal preference and expectation. Perhaps a solution can be found that satisfies both ends of the spectrum in PoE III.
  6. I also found the fact that you can no longer edit the grimoires weird. Lore wise it makes absolutely no sense. Now i always have the feeling that my mage is an illiterate which is off putting and quite opposite to how i picture mages. From a gameplay perspective it is reasonable since mages would have an massive advantage over other casters, even more pronounced than the current state. I do understand why did implemented it this way but i don't think it is a satisfying solution. Generally i thought the idea of swapping grimoires sounded interesting but i never used it due to the delay it causes in combat. In PoE 1 you could simply learn all the spells, except for a handful of special spells( which were overpowered), effectively punishing you if you didn't equip that special grimoire. In PoE 2 it feels forced, especially for players of PoE 1, which is a bad thing a for a game play mechanism in my opinion.
  7. Why limit yourself to one region ? I would like more traveling between distinctly different places. The game could feature a small number of hubs all around the world in Eora, we saw already tinkering with portals so the means for travel are already conceived. The starting area can be a more "conservative" settings, by this they can avoid alienating new players. To make it clear, I don't want a large open world, just a map with quick travel to the different hubs which are located all over Eora, no ships or planes or whatever.
  8. The Witcher 3 has some of the best story telling of any RPG up to date. It is one of the few games where good graphics are combined with great story telling. I never understood why the romances, even if they are cheesy, are brought as an argument against the game. They make a minor part and can be skipped. And even if you are playing a fixed character, you still have meaningful decisions to make. The choice and consequences that The Witcher 3 offers overall are excellent. I read the books long time ago, they were okish afair. The games I don't like too much. I usually don't like RPGs where your role is fixed and you don't have a real character creation. After all I come from Pen & Paper Roleplaying. I remember that I couldn't finish Witcher and finished Witcher 2 once. I didn't even try Witcher 3. What I disliked most about the Witcher 1 was the "collectible romances" that seem to have been scripted by a 15-year old whose puperty hormons came out of his ears. That - or it was a forty-year-old repressed virgin with no access to proper porn. Iirc that was not the tone of Sapkowski's books(?).
  9. I had the impression that is more concise and to the point. The PoE II writing often leaves me with the thougth: "What was the point of this text passage ?". Pathfinder Kingmaker is also not overloaded with words from made up languages/accents which makes it easier to understand. I am not a native english speaker so i lack the natural intuition of a natural user. I think Pathfinder Kingmaker hits a comfortable level of sophistication for me. Pillars strikes above it quite some times which can be tiring. Overall, the writing in Deadfire II is good but i don't think it is "better" than the writing in Pathfinder: Kingmaker. I also find it hard to quantify "writing" and separating it from the content so i guess i prefer the story/tone of Pathfinder: Kingmaker which influences my opinion in this regard. I don't think that the writing style of PoE II would improve Pathfinder: Kingmaker or vice versa, so i'd say to each his own. Ok. Why? I'm genuinely curious.
  10. To answer your question, I prefer the writing of Pathfinder Kingmaker. But i am not sure if one person makes a people.
  11. The stories of fallout 1 and 2 also had good endings and were pretty self contained with closures, which PoE 2 was did not in my opinion. They could have switched characters after PoE 1 but now i would be quite annoyed if they didn't at least draw a strong connection to part 2. It could be a character switch but the watcher should at least be mentioned and get some story exposition how his story ended.
  12. The recent Shadowrun games are rather a part of the complement to the Pillars games in the set of rpgs in my opinion. They were actually carried by the story/setting/roleplaying while the game mechanics are rather bland. I would not cite the Shadowrun games as examples for outstanding round based combat. And although i finished each of the recent Shadowrun games twice, i did so in spite of the combat mechanics and the decking/matrix mechanics. I really enjoyed the story and the setting which is a welcome alternative to all the sword and sorcery and fallout-like settings. I'd wish someone did a rpg with a similar strong focus on story telling, i.e. focused hubs with quality content, combined with good gameplay mechanics. Especially without any open-world time-sinks for which i couldn't care less.
  13. I also dislike this. It does add a psychological barrier to swapping party members since you have to switch in a "weaker" character. For most parts of the game it does not matter but if you like optimizing your group it is a hindrance since you have to "lower" your over-all power level given a level difference of the switching party members. Immersion does also not work for me personally i mean why are sidekicks always exactly the level of my main character upon recruiting them for the first time, even if they are just standing around somewhere, but sitting in my boat and traveling with me decreases their passive experience gain ?
  14. PoE II has much more active abilities and shorter duration's on spells than the old I.E. games. Generally it requires much more attention and input than the old games causing me to pause it so often that feels already pretty much like a turn based game. Reading all the afflictions buffs and duration and then figuring out if my next spell will still into the time frame of some buff/debuff, for examples, can be quite exhausting and tiresome. I know that you don't have to play like this but i think anyone who tries to optimize his actions during combat can relate to this. Turn based mode would certainly make it more enjoyable for me since it should become much easier to time actions of multiple characters. In turn based mode it is much easier to plan ahead and to execute tactics. A turn based mode would be a nice addition.
  15. I think this is an oversight since it is pretty nonsensical that she would side with you when you are going to slaughter the bunch in the Brass Citadel even if they started it. Was there ever an official statement regarding Maia's behavior in this case ?
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