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  1. well well the wabbit is back???

  2. yEa dEEZ niKKAZ bLock oUt aNy wORD

  3. guess who's back????

  4. ha thIs dUmBfuk rAbbit is g0ne 0nlY 2 m0 lEfT

  5. there this ho has been taken care of i pm'ed fio and he got rid of the account

  6. hellz na probaly some fat ass ugly ass bitch

  7. it had an email adress said she was 23 and wanted to know more about me

  8. here we go this spam s*** sent me another message

  9. i think it is bokishi this person sent me a random message

  10. You know what I MEan About Mary Jane

  11. Hello Accept Remember Me

  12. dont worry i was checkin my pro the whole time

  13. well im back after a two week absence

  14. well tihs is me another alt

  15. oh sorry that accepts a jerk :shifty:

  16. now im gonna drop the feud with the architect and focus on my feud with accept :shifty:

  17. seriously why do you guys constantly talk about emos :shifty:

  18. i hate to say but architect im gonna help burn this bitch

  19. now i think im gonna start a feud with accept

  20. pekinese i think thats how you spell it

  21. those are the devils eyes

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