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  1. Ok, i'm not sure what happens.


    When i said locked, i swear that whatever i was doing the fps (msi afterburner, Nvidia Share) was displaying 22 fps no more no less :o


    i tried another game, running fine... (farcry 4, bf4) @60+


    Today i have an average 70 fps on Pillars...


    I'm very curious on what happened.


    I Don't lock the thread because i want to know why i can run Pillars @70 or @22, to eventually find some clue that may help others.

  2. Hello,


    i've decided to get back on Pillars, on Steam? Bought Pillars of Eternity - Hero Edition on MArch 2015

    What a disappointment...


    Rigs :

    Windows 10

    Intel Core I7 4930k (6 cores)

    16Go RAM

    GTX 1070


    Even this monster which run ANY game on Ultra settings, i get *Drum Rolls*


    22 Locked FPS (yes locked, any resolution, any game options, any compatibility mode, any power management)


    My CG is used at 10%


    Is it  a joke ?


    Exe details : 12/07/2016 version :


    thanks to help me understand :)

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