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  1. New content is always good.

    If old content is polished enough.

    Ranzak is bugged as hell. Tonzilliti, presumably, too (have not tried yet). Fighter's Tale withour card rewards. Shop desyncs. Glitchy interface.

    This game needs one more fix wave before new content.

    Performance update too - the game loaded in like 30 seconds on my older tablet at around 1.1 update, it's 2-4 minutes on newer tablet nowadays.

    I like this game. In fact it's best card game Google Store can offer at a moment.

    Even without disregarding crazy pricing and queer interface.

    But hell, more than year passed - and the game still looks and feels like friggin Early Access...

  2. 1. Can't buy more than 1 Charm at a time, almost all Charms affected.

    Hitting + button triggers Goblins banner instead and resets quantity to purchase.

    2. Enchantments tab have permanent ! on it despite me having checked every goodie there.

    Probably due to a discount to one of those in Steam version?

    3. Purchased Burn Everything! lacks banner at Adventures tab, displaying 0/0/0/0... cards instead.

    Other adventures without a banner display proper amount of cards in them.


    EustaceCS #9187

    Lenovo YT3-X50M

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  3. So,

    looks like we're screwed.

    No announcements, no expansions.

    Well, the game itself is currently pretty solid 'as is'. Pretty cool for understanding what original game is. Lack of expansions (which will definitely be available at similar somewhat not-so-reasonable price with RotR anyway) won't do much harm.

    And Quest mode is still available lol.

    Still, bugger these expansions. How about bugfixes?

    Lini's infinite dice rolls, Retaliate wildcard power softlocks, failure to Diplomatize Orik leading to softlock...

    What about polishing what we currently have?

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