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  1. On 4/22/2020 at 10:07 PM, Hurlshot said:

    Normal. I'm no glutton for punishment. 

    Well dude I freaking love pain. 



    Anyway way to contribute to this thread I’m starting up deadfire for the third time since it was released on Xbox and I hope to finish it this time. I love the game but my two issues have been my inability to stick to a class and also the long and abundant load times. I’m hoping that acknowledging and facing and attempting to correct my problem (sticking with a class) is enough to combat the load time issue. However New Vegas is loaded in the chamber and I’m ready to switch 

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  2. 1 hour ago, Hurlshot said:

    After struggling to be any good at Elite: Dangerous, I decided to give No Mans Sky another try, and I've been enjoying it. I don't remember if it was this good when I first played it, or I was just in the right mood, but it is a nice exploration game.

    Damn I almost started that back up the other day having not played in over a year. Are you playing on normal difficulty or survival?

  3. Is there a patch coming out for this anytime soon? I can't finish the game because everytime I go to leave the Think Tank before the ending slides, when I leave the screen goes black and it freezes. And I'm on x-box so there's not much I can do. Has anyone else had this problem?

  4. I must say I was extremely disappointed with the absence of follow through on any of the characters (as has already been mentioned in this thread). These were very powerful people with powerful themes. Yet where was the story?


    Yeah I feel as though there was clearly a story and they reference it, they just never let us participate in it. You're thrown in to the end of some conflict and just have to solve it as if it were just another side quest of the main game.

  5. I mean I'm just talking about the storyline, the new place to explore as well as the new weapons and all that are pretty sick.

    You could say that about the original NV game, too...the main quest of NV is doable in fairly quick progression if you really want.


    Yeah you could, but in this expansion things just progress so quickly. There are just these great characters introduced, and you have maybe a few minutes of dialogue with each of them. I don't really want to go into more detail until more people play it and beat it. But yeah I mean going around and exploring is a lot of fun and it's a really great enviroment and all that. I just was upset with the ammount of content in relation to the characters, because I think there was a lot of potential there that wasn't really fleshed out.

  6. Does anyone know what time they usually release this stuff on Xbox live? I stayed up pretty late for dead money last time but I don't think they released until the morning of. So should I stay up all night waiting for this to get released?

  7. In response to us not having hoover cars, if they did make them they wouldn't release them yet, they want it to look like a really slow transition, so people don't question it like, "Hey how did we get the technology for that hoover car?" and then another person will say "Something fishy is going on here!" Inevitably people will start to talk and yeah we'll have a crisis on our hands because everyone will eventually realize it was aliens, and people knowing about aliens probably won't help us keep the earth clean or green or whatever because on one hand you'll have the people who don't care about the earth because hey if there are aliens they will eventually come back and like teach us their ways and we'll blast ourselves off this rock and find a new home. And the other people will be actively trying to make our planet worse so that the aliens don't want to come here and take over to use our natural resources.


    Yeah the government is playing it's cards right.

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