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  1. Considering we know Eder, Pallegina and Aloth are going over to the next game I'm working out a fun party to take in to the next game with me and recently I've become infatuated with the desire to build a more offensive dual wielding Paladin. 

    The set up would be two three man teams. Eder an Pallegina protecting Aloth and my MC with two druids either side of him. 


    I'm figuring my stats for the main chracter to be: 
    S 18 C 8 D 14 P 13 I 11 R 14
    With a focus on smashing stuff in the face with Righteous Flames.
    Could I have recommendations for the first 8 odd levels? 

    And what would be good/tanky support Druids to flank this guy? 

    Thank you!

  2. I don't think race matters too much but you could do:
    Max Str/Dex/Per

    Leave Con as is

    Dump Int

    Steal a few points from Res

    There's an early cloak that can cover some weaknesses in defenses as you are going to pick up aggro.

    I've been playing a few PotD playthroughs with different set ups.


    One is a monk/rogue tag team with two tanks for charging into battle and drawing aggro. Scout ahead and have your tanks go in to draw early attention and then flank with the rogue/monk to do major damage and finish off back row casters/archers etc. then swoop in on to the big melees and help your tanks finish the fight. For harder fights just have them stay out of the way in stealth and strategically place your party at a door way with your rogue behind enemy lines and then start the fight and flank in on an enemy spell caster and use escape to get behind the door way if the fight is too much or the shadowing skill to break aggro and take a breather.


    My other duo is rogue/ranger. 
    The rangers crippling shots are good juju for a rogue to get in behind on. The rest of your team could be two tanks/healer/spell caster that you could mostly leave to themselves with proper aggro management and a careful eye.

    Other potential duo work is a cipher/rogue. The Cipher can look after the rogue using paralysis skills/eye strike/the mental push off an ally one and can be a fun pairing. 

    I like to use escape to engage on backline enemies. 

    This the kind of advice you're looking for? 
    My main crew is a Rogue PC and then all customs from the inn monk/pally/fighter/cipher/druid and I've had a few challenging fights due to my inexperience but you can usually come in a level later and wreck that same fight so it's all good. 

    EDIT: I realize my stuff may not be optimal but it is fun and it is working for me on a PotD playthrough so far. This is my first Crpg since neverwinter nights all those years ago and I only have 100 hours in but I do believe it has more of a spirit of fun that is what OP is looking for :) 

  3. In terms of optimum invocations for a Chanter solo, what do people think they are? I was thinking:


    Level - invocation

    1 - But Reny Daret's Ghost, He Would Not Rest

    2 - White Worms Writhed in the Bellies of the Dead

    4 - Not Felled By Axe, Nor Broken By Storm or whatever

    6 - The Lover Cried out to the Beloved, "I am Yours!"

    8 - Shatter their Shackles, Cast off their Chains!

    10/12/14 - Seven Nights She Waited While the White Winds Wept/The Bride Caught their Ruse and Set to Make Them Pay/The Brideman Slew Thirty 'Fore They Crossed Half the Floor

    16 - Called to His Bidding, the Ancient Instruments of Death


    The things I'm not ever so sure about are whether Urdel and Gurdel are better than Instruments of Death, or whether a summon should be forgone entirely for Killers Froze Stiff.


    Reny Daret's Ghost and White Worms should be useful early game, giving you a free summon and Worms as a finisher once you've made headway into a mob and got a good group of bodies. Charming mobs is always of massive utility, so The Lover Cried at 6 seems to be the best bet here. Shatter their Shackles should coincide more or less with Vithrack fighting on the Endless Paths level 9. Seven Nights/Bride/Brideman seem pretty optimum for a meaty attack and for the attribute (and so defense buffs). Winds o' Eld Nary could be squeezed in, by they seem more or less on par with Seven Nights by with more phrases needed.

    The 3 skeletons are usually good for soaking up aggro and I think at level 4 you can have them near permanently up. The spirit can usually be placed straight on top of a spell caster and solo it. 

  4. That's great!

    Two other question then! Would it be worth doing quick upgrades early on. Adding fine/elemental weaknesses & creature specific bonuses to weapons as soon as you can to eek out advantages? Would a higher DR medium armour or a lower DR heavy armour be worth it or as it is a solo run just do full heavy DR armours?

    Thanks so much for answering my questions, very much appreciated and I love the theory crafting as it really helps me understand specific things better. 



    Don't go low Mi with a cipher cause Echo. ;)

    I'd rather lower Con and put it in Mi at least as soon as you have access to Botanic Garden and Creature parts in your stronghold chest and can craft unlimited Vital essence potions.



    14 Might with 12 Con? 

    I was fairly worried about survivability in fights as I often find no matter how high my defenses are I'm going to be taking hits and I figured the more shots I could take the more room for beating the fight I had.

  6. Any feedback on my initial Druid build? 
    Was also thinking of a Cipher with

    M: 10

    C: 16

    D: 11

    P: 15

    I: 16

    R: 10


    Using door ways to my advantage with a shield and rapier build to build up focus and possess/charm enemy mobs to take the pressure off my Cipher and then bouncing defensive things off him on to the enemy with CC. Early 4 points in lore and mechanics and then investing in to survival/athletics as I can to earn good stats for healing. 

    Early upgrading some high end medium armour to fine stats and taking the sword and shield style + rapier proficiency to ensure extra accuracy and consistent focus income. 

    Feedback would be appreciated! 

  7. I don't know how viable this is but I am still looking to take up the challenge myself. 

    I was wondering about a druid pale elf with the boar or stag spiritshift 
    Mig   12

    Con  14

    Dex  10

    Per   14

    Int    14

    Res  14


    Sword and Shield Style

    Veterans Recovery

    Interrupting blows

    Body Control


    as preferred talents.

    Scrolls and foods and plenty of back tracking to rest as possible. 

    Curious how everyone would think I would do? How would I go about defeating all of those damn phantoms/wisps in Caed Nua? 


    Is most of Act 1 spent sneaking past various places and just earning cheap ways to get exp (new maps/locations/easy/entering&exiting dungeons quests and low level mob groups) 

  8. Hi again,

    I'm a bit thick so I thought I'd throw this here but I'm making myself a little spreadhseet to work out in game attributes in Excel. I quite like maths but don't often get a chance to practice it or be good at it or whatever. Anywho my question would be as follows...


    Have I got this right:


    Con = 10

    Barbarian = 16 endurance p/l

    Level 1 starting endurance: 48 as it would be 16 * (1+2) 

    Level 1 starting health: 48*6


    I'm working this out in excel so to factor in the constitution bonus I've got 


    Level 1 starting endurance: 16 * (level + 2) * ( CBONUS % + 1)

    If so I can do the rest of my sheet and have some fun with it.

    Thank you!
    EDIT: Playing around with it, I got it all wrong. Admin & Excel skills going badly wrong.

  9. Thanks for the information, Jojobobo.


    Yeah I was going to go dual characters because boss fights like Raedric's hall tend to overwhelm with tanky mobs and I don't know if I have the ability as a player to full on solo run. 

    I guess if there are only two characters being used I could also go for a Monk/Rogue and while it would take intense management during difficult fights I would be able to cause a LOT of mayhem in fights? A monk attracting the attention and flooring people with his abilities would free my rogue up to attack a little more allowing me to go lighter on con and have a higher dex for 1vs1 duels? 

    My reason for escape is I just really like it, haha. 

    And thanks for the answers so far. I know I sound like I'm fairly ignorant but it's been a task finding reliable information via google that doesn't date back to 2015! So I really appreciate the information that's been provided so far. 

  10. Well, Larder Door is an early bashing shield so that would work with it. But I'm somewhat hesitant about bashing shields to be honest. I've been pouring over weapon speeds lately, and though I haven't looked into the bashing shields specifically yet, but since they decrease the attack rate of your primary weapon (and bashing itself isn't that potent) you'll end up doing less damage with them. As far as I'm aware it also doesn't yield the dual-wielding bonus (well, doesn't avoid the non-dual-wielding penalty, technically), though even if it did it I'm fairly sure it would still drop DPS. Like I said, I still have to do the exact math on it, but I'm fairly sure my initial impression will hold. Which means this is really something they should fix in PoE2 as well, since having Bash on a shield should be a bonus rather than a penalty (though I'd prefer if they didn't put it on shields at all, and made it more like a Fighter-specific talent they can take after Weapon&Shield style). 


    Anyway, Riposte and Strike abilities obviously do benefit from the fact that the bashing shield adds another attack, but you have to wonder whether that is worth slowing down your normal attacks for. In terms of a Riposte Rogue I'd probably go with a Durganized Old Gerun's Wall instead. You lose a bit more ACC of course but the extra deflection and 25% hit-to-graze is going to result in a nice boost to your Riposting (also, helps with the not dying). A potion of Wizard's Double can be quite helpful for that as well I'd say. If you're building for high Deflection that extra +40 can really put you over the top. It'll probably come down at some point, but you can get a lot of Riposting done in the meantime (and against enemies who have ACC at least 10 points lower than your Deflection, it won't come down at all). Not sure whether the OP would really want to go for a Riposte Rogue of course, but just a thought.

    Ahh thank you! So a rogue with a few less might points, 12 con and higher dex/per would be a way forward if I went down this route? And a paladin tank standing next to him so they'd be going toe to toe with enemies? 


    I guess I'd need a third weapon slot so I could have a ranged to start and then alternate between dual weapons and weapon&shield depending on the fight?

  11. Mornin' 

    I've been playing POE for a while over 40-50 hours so far and really enjoying it but I can't settle on how challenging I want the game to be so I'm looking to do it without having a 6 member party. A mix of RP and a challenge is the goal so I'm thinking about a few different options as follows. 


    A rogue slave with a godlike Moon Paladin/Fighter guardian sent to liberate the Awakened one.

    I build around talents I like so for my rogue I would be thinking along the lines of:

    Blinding Strike



    Adept Evasion 
    Deep Wounds
    Shadowing Beyond

    High def Paladin/fighter capable of holding aggro and tanking like a mofo. 


    The idea I have in my head is of a dirty fighting rogue (maybe more in common with a fighter) who can dance around the battlefield and single out spellcasters but tank well enough to survive trouble. 

    Would this work? 
    What would my starting might/con/dex be for both?
    Focusing on skills such as lore/mechanics for the rogue and survival on the fighter?


    My other idea would be a chosen one cipher/chanter solo run. Starts with a gun shot and then dives into battle. My preference would be pale elf chanter as I've always quite liked the class. Would a chanter work with the above? 

    I could RP two pale elf slave family who escaped captivity, one becoming Awakened and now both searching for a cure.

    Any help or guidance to do so would be very much appreciated. 

    Thank you! 

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