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  1. Any update on the saves not syncing to the cloud on GOG? Has been this way since launch, I see the GOG DLC issues have been fixed and was hoping there was progress made on fixing this.


    Any update would be appreciated.


    EDIT: Nevermind! Looks like a complete uninstall and reinstall after the latest patch, has fixed the issue!

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  2. I have absolutely no clue what to do, I've now spent over three hours trying to figure this out....it's extremely frustrating. I've completed The Drowned Kingdom and The Endless Queries, but can't seem to figure this one out. I have found three fragments of Waidwen's soul.. the ones I have found are:


    Troubled Childhood

    Resentment into adulthood

    Bonded with Eothas


    I can't figure out what to do from here...any assistance would be beyond appreciated.



    EDIT: I'm an idiot and figured it out....

  3. I had to download the Rum Runners DLC from the GOG website and then verify files in GOG Galaxy, the DLC works but now the problem is none of my cloud saves will sync with GOG. It was perfectly fine and they synced, until downloading the Rum Rummers DLC... I've just been using a USB thumb drive to back up my saves and transfer between systems, old school but it works. I'll be super excited when these GOG issues are fixed, I prefer GOG to Steam but if these continue I may be forced to play on Steam instead.


    Amazon says PoE2 will be available on Dec 31 2018.  Still no word on the Deadfire items pack for PoE1.  So dumb.


    Yeah too bad they can't release Deadfire on consoles the same time the PC version comes out.  Hopefully it will be long before December 31 (which is a placeholder anyway).  The Deadfire Pack before that would be awesome, however the console version doesn't seem to be selling like hotcakes at least from what I can see at Amazon, there's only 42 reviews of the PS4 version.  So they may not have much motivation to put out something a little extra for the console players of the game, oh well.  Just my estimate of what's going on, could be totally wrong of course (I hope). 



    On the Pillars Console forum at Paradox, I got a message back saying they currently have NO PLANS to release the Deadfire patch on consoles...complete bummer. 

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