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  1. #8508. So much crashing. Unplayable. Yes, I have many characters. But now I can't get in to delete any so I can play while the issue is fixed. Tried rebooting, turning off high graphics, etc.
  2. Same issue here. Will the patch fix a stuck game or do we need to delete it? I'm on an iPad2 in story mode. Shame too, it is the only party I have with all the scenarios on all levels completed.
  3. Ok. Now I see. So now the fact that the Sihedrion amulet recharges with out needing a roll sometimes seems like the actual bug... As far as all these items NOT having the arcane trait, well which ones do? None? Seems like Seoni got screwed here and picking that power is a waste, but it looks like that was a deliberate design decision and not a bug. Wish I could take it back, it's worthless she can only auto recharge items that she would almost certainly have rolled to recharge anyway...
  4. Ok. So now that I look at the screenshots, I see that Arcane is not listed in the list of traits (Accessory, Magic, Attack, Fire) despite the fact that it requires an Arcane 9 roll to recharge it. However, I would still say this is a bug. What is the point of Seoni's power if Arcane recharge items will not be allowed to have the Arcane trait, forcing her to roll for them anyway?
  5. Her "magic in the touch" power does not work more than 50% of the time. Sometimes she auto recharges a Sihedrion necklace, sometimes you are forced to roll. Everytime she uses a Necklace of Fireballs, she is forced to roll. I have screenshots but can't attach them here?
  6. I was frustrated with this too. I couldn't figure out how to do something because the button didn't show up at all. It wasn't until a poster pointed out that you can drag cards to where they need to be (center for revealing, right for recharging, left for discarding, etc.) that I figured it out. Sometimes the card or situation is "broken" and the button that might normally be there, isn't...
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