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  1. True, but rich players damage to games in longtime periot. Balanced system will change to pay2win system. I think, the players who too much spend gold as detrimental as farmers. Yes developers earns money but non-rich gamers will be unhappy.
  2. I'm sure this black marketeer is kender =) Creating powerful account not need farmers. (Specially in treasure system) Consider I have very very rich father. I bought and open more more more treasure chest and created a very powerful character. Very high probability, there are very rich players among us =)
  3. Consider i have a useless bow (example a legendary bow) but my friend need the bow. if my friend have a good sword we can exchange these cards. What's wrong? Developable new security methots for sinister farmers.
  4. Can we exchange cards with other players in future multiplayer updates? Especially legend cards in treasure.
  5. Hi, i have android phone and ipad. Can i play same account on two device? And i wonder Steam. Can i open my android account on steam ? My suggest: All platforms link to paizo.com account.
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