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  1. Once you know the game well, it will be easy enough on Normal that you can't really mess up a character so badly that they can't win. Legendary takes more planning, but even there, a wrong stat point won't kill you. Having said that, RotR is a combat-heavy set, so it's almost always a mistake to choose any stat without maxing your main combat stat first. This means:


    Kyra, Valeros, Seelah, Amiri, Poog, Tontelizi get STR

    Merisiel, Harsk, Sajan, Ranzak get DEX

    Ezren gets INT

    Seoni, Lem, Tup get CHA

    Lini gets WIS


    Don't be fooled by Kyra, Seelah, or Poog. They are fighters. They get too few spells to be primary spellcasters, and their spells are Divine, which are mostly not Combat, and with one or two exceptions, not powerful enough to base a build on for late game. You could argue for giving Lem his +2 DEX (his secondary stat) early on, but I don't--I'd rather support an underpowered Lem for the first couple adventures and then have him come into his own by AD2 or so.


    As Jenceslav said, WIS is almost always the best secondary stat, as WIS checks come fast and furious in the mid-to-late game. The exceptions are Lem, Lini, and Tup, all who are better off choosing DEX to support their physical weaponry.

  2. Yes, solo Meri needs weapon proficiency. I usually take it even before the first hand size upgrade. Then even a Returning Throwing Axe in her hand gets d12+4+d8+1+d6+2d6+1 (minimum) = 27.5 avg, just by recharging the axe and discarding to backstab. It's not overwhelming, but a very reasonable chance to knock out whichever villain's in that location.


    Although on further calculation, your dagger's not as bad as you think. Even unable to discard it, you should have a 24 avg. damage, more if you took more than two ranks in backstab. You're very close to a 50% chance, and that's given an only 1 in 3 chance of seeing Azaven in that location. Any other villain is a minimum avg of 30.5.

  3. I didn’t think I’d win it, either. When I got the wildcard that reduced hand size by 3, I almost forfeited the scenario, but I figured I’d run it because maybe I’d find a good item so the time wasn’t wasted. And I was sure I’d fail along the way. I ran into Karzoug three times—and lost three times—before finally getting him down to the only one in the deck.


    (Curiously, the small hand size probably saved me. Though I kept losing battles, Iomedae's Favor allowed me to recharge my blessings, and my remaining hand was so small that getting hit for 10+ damage only lost me a card or two at a time, which my Cures could repair.)


    That final battle, I had an armor (don’t think it was the Lamellar), a blessing (can’t remember if it was Iomedae or a Combat blessing), and two weapons (Mokmurian's Club and Karzoug's Burning Glaive). Armor took the BYA damage. Club discarded + discard from deck for first roll, rolled super high, beat the difficulty by around 7. Glaive discarded + blessing + deck discard for second, needed 40, rolled a 41.


    I just sort of sat there for a moment, stunned. I worked out the odds later: I had a ~50% chance of winning the first roll, and ~20% of winning the second, so I had a 1 in 10 chance of winning the fight. Definitely Seelah's finest hour. And not something I’d recommend! Goes to show, however, the rolls don’t always go against you.


    (Side note: for characters that can use Divine spells, I often give them two Cures. This lets you discard cards for effect liberally on every turn, then Cure them back to your deck. Having a second Cure means even if you don’t recharge the first one, you can still get it back later. This is a super effective cycle: burn hand, Cure, burn hand, Cure. Makes Lini, Lem, and Seelah nearly invincible—and utterly fearless.)


    Anyway, regarding soloing in general, there will be times when certain characters hit a scenario that’s particularly ugly for them. At this point, all you can really do is play to your strengths, mitigate your weaknesses, and hope for a little luck. With Valeros, the all-Wis closing scenario is terrible, so what you’re really hoping for is to run into the villain at each location. There, you can use V's strengths to beat the rolls and let the villain close the deck for you, so your Wis doesn’t really matter. If you get a henchman instead, the best strategy may be to leave the location open (don't waste blessings trying to close it) and chase the villain there later. Since you’re solo, you only rarely have to worry about running out of time.


    Even good soloers occasionally have a problem. Merisiel, for example, is amazing, but Here Comes the Flood is an absolute nightmare for her. A paucity of blessings, allies, and healing means she has to hope desperately to find allies at the top of the Village deck AND that Black Magga doesn’t devour that location, or she's basically screwed. That scenario made me want to snap my iPad in half.


    FWIW, even Ezren and Seoni are soloable. Someone here did it, and explained how to handle some of the nastier elements (Ethics Gradient, maybe?) but admitted you still have to get lucky.

  4. Interesting. I’ve soloed all the characters to the end, including the expansion characters, except for Ezren and Seoni. I found them all quite reasonable when taking the right feats. Seelah was the easiest by far—I even beat Karzoug with her on Legendary with a hand size of 4. I presume you had problems with her because you had no good way of stopping damage? If you can get it, the Steel Ibis Lamellar will make all her problems go away. Even so, I’d have thought her regular armours good enough to prevent enough damage to beat 6-5.


    I don’t recall having that much trouble with Valeros. His low Wis is a pain, but blessings and allies can do a lot to mitigate that weakness. (The Blessing of Thassilonian Virtues, if you can find it, is a game-changer, though of course that can’t show up until deck 5.) The best strategy would usually be to leave any Wis close locations for last, so you don’t have to close it at all; beating the villain will do it for you.


    For some reason, the hardest for me was Sajan; I failed with him more times than anyone. I’m not sure why. Maybe I just never got a good handle on when to burn a blessing.


    I ditched my Ezren run because he was too much of a pain. Like you said, he's just not built to solo. Didn’t even bother trying Seoni, for much the same reason.

  5. Can you at least attempt to call a spade a spade here? Sure I have the gold I paid for but changing the terms of the deal so that gold has absolutely no purpose is fundamentally identical to theft. I had money, now I do not have it nor do I have the items I paid for. The money I spent is gone and I got nothing in return. I bought it at a lower price, they didn't give me anything for my money but I can now buy it at a higher price.

    Theft. Not "handling things poorly" not "miscommunicating price changes" most certainly not "losing the chance to buy at a lower price". Theft.

    Did they need to change their pricing strategy? Maybe. Is that in the least bit relevant? Nope.

    I have been reading your posts over the last few days, scratching my head, trying to figure out their logic. The best I can come up with is: You are a member of a secret society of time-travelling assassins, sent back to change the future by boring us all to death.


    You are so emotionally invested in being right you have now resorted to lying to try to "prove" your point. You did not pay for "items", you paid for gold. The gold is not "absolutely worthless": You can buy seven cards, eleven runes, and seven charms with it, plus the chests, from which you might obtain dozens (hundreds?) of items. Now, you may not *want* those things, but since the gold isn't worthless, this is not theft. The term you are looking for--if you wish to claim Obsidian was intending to cheat you with the change--is "bait-and-switch". If you wish to be particularly hostile, then you might even write "fraud". But it is not theft.


    Now that you have been proven wrong about the word, will you concede and change your tack? I doubt it, because at this point it's apparent you're more interested in the pleasure of your moral outrage than you are in actually getting what you originally wanted. Because instead of posting in multiple dormant threads, and trying to be right at all costs when you are demonstrably wrong, you could have saved yourself--and us!--a great deal of time by firing off a polite email to support explaining your circumstances and asking if they can convert your gold to the purchase you intended it for at the old gold prices. If they would not, then would be the time to post--in one thread!--here. The fact that you have not done this speaks volumes. If you do not want to be helped, that's your business. Just stop boring us already.

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  6. According to the card (at least IIRC), you can bury the Devouring Trident to reduce the difficulty check. Valeros just buried his to defeat the Kobold Chieftan in V-4, and upon victory, the Trident has disappeared from his inventory and he's a weapon down.


    Also, is there somewhere the Valeros DLC items are supposed to show up? I can't find any of them in my collection, and the tab that switches between RotR and Goblins doesn't go to the Valeros DLC.

 , iPad Air 2, iOS 10.3.3.

  7. 5-4 Normal. Amiri in Sloth, Seelah in Pride, Ezren and Lem in Gluttony, Greed open. Amiri finds Ordikon, fights and defeats him by discarding Flaming Scimitar and burying Belt of Giant Strength, while Seelah recharges Red Dragon for +5. Red Dragon rolls d12 for possible damage. Game will not progress to Ordikon's roll to survive; it just says "Roll!" at the bottom of the screen.

 , iPad Air 2, iOS 10.3.3.

  8. 4-2 Legendary; An Ill Wind and Painful Memories wildcards. Lem in Courtyard, Ezren in Treacherous Cave, Seelah and Amiri in Giant Lair. First turn Lem draws a Redcap. Passes Dex check for Courtyard by recharging Masterwork Thieves Tools for Performance. Casts Paralyze to put Redcap on bottom of deck. Uses performance again to recharge Paralyze, and here's where it gets weird: the location deck reshuffles, and a little red box remains in the centre of the screen.


    Also, there are two Jorgenfist boxes at the sidebar: one has the correct scenario conditions, the other is just empty.

 , iPad Air 2, iOS 10.3.3.


  9. Had a fully levelled Valeros. Started a new game with this fully levelled character, solo, to put him through A Fighter's Tale. Got through two missions and then deleted the save. At this point, I noticed I had two fully levelled Valeroses in my roster: one nicknamed "Valeros S" (as I had called him) and a new one nicknamed "Valeros". I deleted "Valeros", and now just noticed that "Valeros S" is gone, too.

 , iPad Air 2, iOS 10.3.3.

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