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  1. When I log in the game is not feeding me grapes or fanning me. I understand the developers have a lot of work but when I download an app that's a game I do it for my luxury. How can I or anyone else for that matter, be expected to engage in strenuous text reading and screen tapping without fresh fruit?


    For too long I have endured, in silence, this game's lack of servitude. Now I'm lead to believe there are instances in the game where I am meant to be challenged? Why? Why does the game not worship me and surrender in amusing ways? I am nothing if not patiently benevolent so I'll wait, trusting the fruit service issues to be foremost in you current and future concerns.


    Thank you for an otherwise amusing and entertaining product.

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  2. OK, so the scenario victory condition is to have a number of plunder cards stashed equal (or greater... don't have it before me now so I'm not sure) to the number of locations. So in 4 player game we needed 6 (or 7) plunder cards. You start the scenario (any scenario) with 1 plunder card.


    We started playing and on first explore of the game we encountered one of the nastiest barriers available in the game: Goblin Keelhaulin (it's a promo card for S&S)


    Now, on the first look, Goblin Keelhaulin is nothing special (Con/Fort 5 or Wis/Survival 6) but then you start to read it's powers... first of all, difficulty is increased by twice the adventure deck number (so in our case, being in AD2 we faced Con/Fort 9 or Wis/Survival 10). Second line is the nasty part: "If undefeated, draw a number of cards equal to your hand size, then bury that number of cards". Final line is what caused us to win the scenario: "After you act, stash a number of plunder cards equal to your hand size."


    Considering character doing exploration had a hand size of 7, after resolving the barrier we passed the treshold required to win the game which lead to discussion about "Are we reading this correctly?" and "Did we really just won the scenario?"


    As it turned out, yes, we did just won a scenario simply by facing a barrier.

    Happened in my play group too.

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