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  1. Why does anyone even want that island?



    I'll say this low and slow:



    You didn't read the rest of my post it seems..


    Also this seems to be a touchy subject? but I'm on your guys side, as I said, if the Falkies want to stay with Britain then that's how it should be.


    My question was more in the area of why this is such a big deal (for Argentina), this didn't seem like a very important piece of land - until I read about the oil :)


    The best book I've ever read on that question was Razor's Edge. Hugh Bicheno was an intelligence officer in South America and he argues that basically Argentina is mental. They have a twisted notion of national honour which essentially compells them to scrap over the Falklands even though there's no logical basis for it, the people living there don't want it, and in any case their military isn't up to it.


    IMO this is the most important discussion we've had on this forum in ages. Because unless international opinion comes down firmly in favour of the islanders' right to decide peacefully where they live then Argentina might try violence. Hundreds if not thousands of lives will be lost. Write to your senator, or president, or witch-doctor and tell them Argentina is being crazy.


    Personally, I reckon we should use the same sort of illogic that the Argentines do to lay claim to Argentina. It would, at least, put an end to their endless posturing about the Falklands, and Sean Penn could stop looking so stupid.

  2. 6/10. Reasonable satire on the average American teen gamer, but a little lacking in polish.


    On the off-chance you're serious, you live in an imperfect world. If you really want things to change, you can start by seeking to embody that change.

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  3. Oh, dear. Another thread bogged down in positivistic reductionism.


    Have a quote from Marx:

    A few days ago I received a letter from little Meyen, whose favourite category is, most appropriately, what ought to be. In this letter I am taken to task over my attitude 1) to you and Herwegh, 2) to
  4. Most major religions accept evolution so far as I know.


    If you came to Salem, MA during Oct and listened to the born agains, baptists and catholics you'd change your tune pretty quick on that statement. Putting aside the 'you are all going to burn in hell for celebrating Halloween' and when they are not fighting among themselves (very entertaining seeing the born agains rag on the baptists who in turn rag on the catholics who rag on the born agains.. rinse and repeat) you will see all 3 groups all do agree that evolution is fake and the world is only ~6000 yrs old.

    This may be the case in Salem, MA, but it is not quite the same everywhere, and I would submit that Catholics in Salem who were putting forward this position are considerably out of step with the Vatican. It mgiht be worth pointing them in the direction of Pius XII's bull Humani Generis, and indeed the then-Cardinal Ratzinger's 1995 book In the Beginning: A Catholic Understanding of the Story of Creation and the Fall, and indeed, the 2008 book Creation and Evolution: A Conference With Pope Benedict XVI in Castel Gandolfo. There are a few among other relevant pieces. You might also like to point out to them that the celebration of All Hallowe's Eve is an old Catholic tradition. ;)


    On the story itself, it's interesting, but I'm not seeing many consequences of it, to be honest. That neanderthals were capable of a degree of complex activity like house-building, etc., does not seem to contradict that they were of lower intelligence than homo sapiens and may have died out as a result of inability to adapt. A single example seems to indicate an anomaly or exception to the rule rather than a new norm, IMO. But evo/anth and prehistory aren't really my thing.


    Oh, and I do consider people who smugly copypasta the same little witticisms as every other Dawkins/Hitchens fanboy to be people, I generally number them among those too stupid to bother with - much like creationists. :(

  5. The British secondary education system - public or private - now pretty much exclusively teaches to the exam. Independent thought, or, horror of horrors, research, is if not actively discouraged then at least considered unnecessary and unwanted.

  6. You do have a sense of humor Wals.


    Snide people would say that to be relaxed in the presence of someone you nuked would add insult to injury. :verymad:


    Good manners are never bad form, old boy. Being English, one understands these things.











    Pretty sure Lyndon Larouche has already come up with that one.

  7. So, just to be clear: Who was it who thought lending imaginary money would be a good idea?


    Well to put it in perspective.. Isn't there only about $500 of real, printed money per person in the USA?

    I have absolutely no idea, because I'm not American. >_<


    But the point is not so much about real, printed money so much as the amount of money going around vs. the value of assets in a nation.

  8. Yes, it would be 'willy nilly'. I think a major fine and jail time for those directly involved would be enough punishment.


    Again, FOX isn't going off the air so get that nonsense out of your head.

    Who the HELL said it was in my head numbskull? You're the one pushing that I'm saying they WILL be when I said it was a possibility.


    JESUS can you READ?

    Why are you trying to argue with Volourn? Seriously, have you not learnt yet that the guy is a troll?

  9. So Bioware have announced that if you pre-order Star Wars The Old Republic.. a limited number will gain early access to the game.


    Also that they have a Collectors Edition of the game. Which retails in the ?125 / $175 range. Now that's getting a little bit silly to my mind.

    I mean, let's see, you get a galaxy map, game discs in a metal case, the soundtrack, the "diary" of Master Ghost-Dural, a Darth Malgus figurine...about half a dozen in-game items (such as a holographic dancer, and an in-game holocam to record events), and an exclusive in-game vendor...

    What? That's obscene. I don't care if it comes with a free 3kg sample of premium-grade heroin for that money. Particularly given they're charging a monthly fee for this thing. Oh, and that thing about being able to play multiplayer? Not so much.

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