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  1. in spiritu humilitatis et in animo contrito, suscipiamur ad te...


    (First of all, I should admit to being profoundly broke. My donation is likely to be small if it exists.)


    My first thought is: don't do Doctor Who. The modern series is an abomination when placed alongside its 1963-1989 form. And the BBC won't let you do something set in that period of the show. Quite apart from anything else, Doctor Who doesn't fit the model for an RPG - it's not like Star Trek, there are no alien races, only monsters and reflexions of humanity. As such, you can't do race/class specification very easily and the whole thing would feel tacked-on.


    My second thought is that there has been some kind of... mood? spirit? seeping out of Obsidian's games over time. There's a definite continuity of spirit between PST and KotOR 2, with (IMO) PST representing the more creatively explosive game and KotOR 2 the more mature refinement. Personally, I've felt this seeping out of Obsidian's games for a while now. MotB was about the last game with echoes (no pun) of this, I felt. I'm not sure what it is... a kind of thematic density that's matched with the game's 'dark' setting, maybe? I think it's a kind of literariness, perhaps.


    I don't care about much else (though it'd be nice if the game was fantastic on other fronts too, of course), but this is something I'd really like to see again.


    My final thought is: Faction Paradox RPG! (Begin here: http://madnorwegian.com/158/books/sf-fiction/faction-paradox-the-book-of-the-war-softcover/ , if uninitiated).

  2. "If a game is giving you a hard time making choices, well, it's falling short in its expectation to be an epic game."

    What utter toss.


    I seriously wonder whether the harrowing ending, in which a child died horribly, should have been broadcast. For the first time ever I was reduced to tears watching a TV programme.

    Let's pause to consider what this correspondent is actually saying. He's complaining that a drama programme - and, furthermore, a tragedy - actually provoked an emotional reaction. I'm sure you can see the oddity. Isn't a few minutes' blubbing just a sign that the programme worked

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