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  1. I happen to rather like Tontelizi, and think he'd be more effective than in the card game because of all the polearms available in treasure.


    I expect it to be Flenta though as she's just a bundle of fun.


    It should be Reta Bigbad from Goblins Fight as she's technically a sort of fighter and because goblins.


    Also, we need Chuffy and Mogmurch. We need them.


    Ok, I need them.

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  2. I can understand why this has been done, but can't say I'm happy with it. I have been carefully curating my treasure cards so they don't show up all the time and now I have a stack of them - I'd like the option of being able to say 'actually, I'd like less of these cards than the maximum allowed.


    I mean, I like me an Orb of Ice, but not when it's the only Item I ever flippin' draw.

  3. *bites lip*


    I seem to have acquired some treasure rewards I haven't earned. I have an unreasonable number of Red Dice sets (no biggie, but not completely sure what I am supposed to do with 24 sets), I've got a whole bunch of the Edge dice (about 12 extra sets apiece) and most egregiously of all I have a set of Nathan's Tribute dice that I must have earned just for being awesome (which I am, to be fair), rather than for getting any Quest Mode characters to level 25, which I didn't do on account of just generally being rubbish at Quest Mode (but still totally deserving the dice).


    Also I seem to have a lot more treasure cards, which is noticeabke as I make sure to only have 1 copy of each Treasure Card (except for blessings, a couple of spells and the level 6 ring of protection as that's essential) so that I actually see cards from the physical game from time to time, but I don't know how that's supposed to work. I think I only have one copy of cards I got through the free PC DLC and didn't have already, but I seem to have a bunch of the more common treasure cards that I already have.


    I post this not to brag (that would be crass), nor to actually ask the devs to take stuff from me (that would be daft - although fair), but to demonstrate that there's something amiss with some of the way rewards are distributed and that it's not as simple as people not getting stuff they should have (unfortunately).


    slight update


    Just went to check what I had by logging back in and I now have 30 sets of Red Dice. Are they actually Tribbles? I think we should be told.


  4. I'm not mad. Frankly I don't see why anyone should expect to get a free game on a completely different platform simply because they have it on another.


    You have the game already, and a lot of the free stuff in the Ambassador Programme are things you would normally have to pay for. Getting parts of the Goblin campaign to boot? Pretty decent deal.


    Now, if you have been a vigorous member of the community and actively helped the devs to improve the game, I think there is a case that folks in that position might be entitled to hope for a little reward if they think in a very transactional way. But if all you have done is rocked up, bought the game, and played it, then I am not sure why anyone should feel angry about not getting freebies.

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    I just picked up the base edition on steam myself.  Whether or not the coupons stack, waiting for an extra 10% off amounts to less than $2.  I'll get more than $2 of play out of the game this weekend while we wait on the ambassador portal to go live.


    GO GO GO!   :)



    Same here. I'll just kick it old-school without all the extra cards, as nature (well, Lone Shark) intended - not exactly a hardship!

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    So, i finally bought The Hook Mountain Massacre. And as usual, i had gone to vault, to see new cards. And guess what i had seen? I had seen Scrying spell, which has EXACTLY the same effect as Augury spell, BUT much (MUCH!) worse checks for both acquiring and recharging it: Augury have checks Int/Wis/Arc/Div 6 to acquire and Arc/Div 8 checks for recharge, while Scrying have Int/Arc 10 or Wis/Div 12 to acquire and Arc/Div 12 to recharge. WTF?! Normally, in later decks spells are BETTER in their functionality (while, yes, they are harder to check), but here this spell have SAME functionality with worse checks.


    IMHO it should be counted as bug, and Scrying should be modified to have either more cards checked, or to have additional modifier for checks (for cards, which are set aside)

    Take note that Augury allow you to look only at your current location while Scrying allow you to look at ANY location... which is a huge difference. One that justify higher checks...



    They are both amongst the very best spells in the game, but Scrying is significantly better.

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    I personally love the idea of Quest Mode and we are looking into a way where it supports the Story Mode game characters instead but leaving both types of characters in the game... bad juju.


    Considering you'll remove the Quest characters, any chance we get a boost to the Story mode Party/character limits? The numbers now are really insufficient (yes, I do NOT want to delete my characters who have already completed the campaign :D



    Very much this. Especially if there are goblins in the offing. I am going to have to complete the campaign with all goblins , after all.


    And I do mean 'I have to'. My psyche leaves me no choice in the matter. Every day that there are goblins and I haven't goblined all I can goblin with them will gnaw at my mind.

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  8. All have d8 or better in WIS. Hard to see a party weakness. Trying in quest mode first. 


    Kyra 1 (don't have alt yet)

    Ezren 2

    Seelah 1 (don't have alt yet)

    Lini 2

    Sajan 1 (will never bother with alt)





    Like the look of it - and it will be strong later in the game where there are tough locations with Wis requirements. I think you'll have a lot of fun with that group.

  9. My favorite so far was the "girl band", i.e. all of the 6 female characters together: Seelah, Seoni, Lini, Amiri, Kyra and Merisiel. They're a pretty strong party and fairly well balanced.


    Tried that one myself and they work very well. 3 healers and three who burn cards makes an effective team.


    On the physical game, I have an all-gnome team of Lini, Tontelizi, Balazar, Raz, Cogsnap, Qualzar and Melindra. That's a very entertaining group to play.


    Plus, of course the Six Goblin Party.

  10. Thank you both for the advice.


    I think I will go:


    1) Ezren, Kyra, Amiri, Sajan

    2) Seoni, Lini, Valeros, Merisel

    3) Lem, Seelah, Harsk


    Changes were made for the following reasons:


    * There is one heavy armor and one light armor person in each group.

    * Sajan is with Ezren to balance out his lack of blessings

    * I like Seelah's and Harsk's synergy in card peeking.


    Problems are:


    * No Diplomats in group 1.

    * 2 ranged weapon users in group 3.


    Any thoughts?


    Good reasoning, but I agree with you you will find the lack of a good Dip/Char dice/other closing option troublesome in Party 1 as there are so many places where Charisma is useful (helps a lot with Allies as well, and there are times when snaring a stray Ally and immediately using the explore might mean the difference between scenario success or failure).

    I think you want Seelah in Group 1, Amiri in Group 2 and Val in Group 3 to ensure you have a Charisma option in each - and for the fun of a Lem, Val, Harsk assistance-fest.


    The downside of that is Group 2 will need Lini to carry a lot of healing as Seoni, Amiri and Merisiel all have a tendency to burn through cards. You shouldn't have a lot of trouble ending villains with that party though!

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