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    Hi guys, forgive me as I'm not a programmer on the game, but these items are granted once you run the game. If they aren't appearing, try exiting it and restarting it again after a minute or so. You might have to try this 2-3 times.


    Curious if everything starts to show up - then there shouldn't be anything needed on our end to make things appear. If that doesn't work though, please let us know!

    This has lead to the strange situation where I have the cards in my stash but they don't show up in my collection...

    I just check my stash and yep, they're there. Still missing from my collection though. I also had one more set of leg. dice show up, so I'm up to three legendary sets. Anyone know how many sets we're supposed to get in total?


    And bugs. A lot of new ones, as usual.

    99 little bugs in the code

    99 little bugs...

    Take one down, patch it around

    128 little bugs in the code

    Fairly funny. Except new bugs were not little. They were big game breaking game crashing bugs. And bad UI bugs. Took one of the very best tablet games and made it temporarily a very poor one. Given that they asked for people to pre pay for content they should probably have delivered on that content before embarking on many other additional changes.

  3. We have some big announcements coming soon but as a guideline (we learned this the hard way before) we try not to release anything right before a holiday weekend.  Being on call to make sure that nothing bad escaped into the wild makes for a terrible BBQ.


    I mentioned way back when, Deck 4 would be August unless something happened to the schedule.  That something happened.


    Trust me, the Owners wants Deck 4 out, the team really want Deck 4 out, and we know you guys really really want it out, and we are working on exactly that.

    Lots of bugs in the new release. Crashes bosses unplayable etc. there is no way deck 4 should be released until the current version is fixed. I like phone play but no new content for more then a quarter and breaking the tablet version seems a high price to pay. Many of your biggest supporters prepaid for content.

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