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  1. The reason they're reported separately is probably because they are computed independently for the main effect and AoE, and come to different numbers. For whatever reason the AoE effect is computed as not having the +1 ACC / level bonus; for example Concussive Missiles has the same thing. Note that this is a cosmetic bug only, in practice you do get the correct accuracy when you cast the spell, same for both components.

    Thanks. Looks like an easy-fix bug. Hope they can correct it in 3.03

  2. Problem description


    I killed lord Raedric VII and loot his unique sword Justice. I gave it to Kana (equipped in the 3rd weapon set slot, img #1). Then I left Raedric Hall and went back to GV to sell some of the equipment. At this point the Justice was missing(img #3).


    I didn't realize it until later when I went to Caed Nua to fight the shadows. One of the shadows blinked directly to Kana. I was like hey I should swap his weapon to Justice and punch the shadow in the face but then ha???? Kana just attacked with bare hands with. Because I keep recording the game so I quit the game and check the video and find out the Justice went missing back in GV (or between Raedric's Hall and GV)


    When I first equip the sword to Kana I noticed the sword was not rendered correctly in the game. It was abnormally white like in the picture(Img #2). I dont know if it has anything to do with the bug.


    I do have the save files before and after the problem. Unfortunately I am playing in PotD mod so I only backup the save file once a day (yeah in case my character die because of game bug), the save file before the bug is hours ago. I will put them both here.






    Log File:



    Like I said, I have the video that can demonstrate the bug, if dev needs I can post it. This is the first time I use dropbox to share, let me know if it doesn't work. I dont know if other people have post similar bug(I dont find one. But there is a similar topic in Steam discussion)


    Game version: 3.01.977 with white march I&II

    System: Windows 7

    System Spec attached







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