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  1. Oh yeah guys ^^ Let's getting started !


    Ultimate List Loots By Day




    Don't forget, there are 3 sheets :


    - Pillars of Eternity

    - Endless Path

    - The White March (Part I and II)


    Great job, thank you.


    On a side note, why... why won't the devs release a list by themselves and instead make us do these tedious lists? No idea really.

  2. For starters: what is the point of the soulbound weapons, they are clearly far weaker then upgraded weapons you can make with enchanting and durgan steel ect...


    1. The holy redeemer is ok for taking out vessels

    2. The night shroud is an absolute joke, procs a blind every 10 hits or so

    3. Grey sleeper is ok, but on on par with blade of endless paths (if not upgraded)

    4. The rest Aren't even worth mentioning.

    5. The hunting bow doesn't justify selecting a ranger as all you can do is use the bow. Id rather a caster anyway.


    So basically no good unique weapons to collect.


    • 2 & 4 - The dagger (The Unlabored Blade) and Nightshroud both qualify for the same weapon focus, and the dagger is absolutely amazing. While the nighshround doesn't seem that great, it helps with Shadowing Beyond, not to mention that Finishing Blows are a downright insane ability. Try it.
    • 5 I use the bow on a cipher. Also, have you seen Twin Sting? That shiz is amazing, fires twice before reloading.
    • As for the others:
      • Greenstone Staff and Abydon's Hammer are imo the crappiest soulbound weapons.
      • The Grey Sleeper is easy to get, it's okay.
      • Gyrd Háewanes Sténes is okay on a range priest.
      • No opinion on the remaining three (Steadfast, Dragon's Maw Shield, St. Ydwen's Redeemer).


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  3. So, I managed to kill the guy and I did not leave combat. Only my figher was able to move around, my druid couldn't do anything, and the rest of the party wasn't standing up (I have the main option checked). Moreover, my figher couldn't move freely around the room, as if encountering some hidden blocks. Sadly, I didn't save...


    As for steps...

    Ate a lot of food, went in, used all figurines, started fighting, killed trash, 4 characters got maimed, druid was perma frozen due to frightened and my last survivor 1v1-ed the lich to death. Aaaaand, I didn't exit combat.


    Save game from before the fight:



    Output log:



    Specs are in attached.





  4. Hey, I have some newbie questions I can't find answers to:

    • Do Weapon and Shield Style and One-Handed Style talents stack?
    • How do you que spells? I tried to use shift, but it doesn't seem to work and my characters simply continue with auto-attacks.
    • Is Durance's Healing A.I. broken? He doesn't heal himself even if he's very low on hp, nor anyone else.
    • When casting damaging spells, what accuracy is taken into consideration, that of your Primary weapon?
  5. Hey, I'm slowly nearing the end of my first playthrough (I think so at least) on easy, and am willing to play one more time at least. Before I go further into detail let me explain that I've only played Baldur's Gate 1 or 2 (don't remember which)  a few years ago for a little bit, therefore I'm pretty unexperienced in this genre.


    So, my issue so far was that I have to micromanage each of my 6 characters (at the moment I have Wizard PC, priest, chanter, cipher, figher and ranger- all are met in game, not custom) like hell or put them on a weird A.I. script. My question is, if playing on hard, with which classes would I be able to finish the game with that will do well just by being on autopilot? I don't mind babysitting one character (preferably my main), but switching between 6 characters and selecting which spell to use is just tireing if you have to do this every encounter.


    To explain my idea a bit further, would a Wizard on autopilot set to CC mode be good? Or any other spell class? Or should I just go for classes like ranger that only have 2 active abilities (which I don't mind).

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