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  1. Monks in general are just insnaley good I'm running shattered and devoted and just wrecking things with my fist. The best ranged martial combo I've found is sharpshooter plus bleakwalker simply annilates targets


    Can we start having dicussion on best skills and abilities?


    Let's start with maybe monk and fighter

  2. so i am looking to min/max a assination for potd difficulty going nature godlike and debating between devoted/assasin and bleak/assasin.    couple of questions.


    1.  is bleak still broken good with two handers?

    2.  if i am going dervoted what tends to be the best weapon type? sabres/rapiers, 2h?

    3.   can i use a full custom party like poe1?


    Party comp im leaning to is the following

    1. my mc assasin/semi tank

    2. erdar as swashbuckler

    3. priest

    4. scout (assasin + ranger)

    5. chanter + Paladin (assuming auras stack)

    6 cipher


    any thoughts or suggestions would be great.  i think with 2 paladins + preist heals should be plenty good. 


  3. Prestige and game progression determines the stronghold adventures when you turn in quest eventually you get a new adventure completing quest satisfies a turn to complete the adventurer you can save scum when you turn in quest to get the item or adventure you want, the most important itemstep are the glittering gauntss and the mold that let's you duplicate a item

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