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  1. Hey! I've been on a chronic restart syndrome with Deadfire due to the fact I wanna play POTD upscaled but the game design is really bad in several areas compared to the first and you can't enjoy a lot of class builds, really. But lately I've found the solution to my problem with the Forbidden Fist. My current run is a Steel Garrote Paladin multiclass tank/striker. Dump INT, keep CON low, max RES/MIG/PER, DEX is OK at the middle. Make a Nature Godlike to push fist damage high, equip resolve enhancing neck/boots/cloak/rings, get Hylea's Talons bracers and some +armor belt. Tuotilo's Palm (wound=deflection upgrade) and some decent armor (Devil's, Monk's, or the one with -X% action speed with Athletics). Make AI to use Forbidden Fist every ~3 seconds, Lay on Hands when low, Exalted Endurance, Turning Wheel, Thunderous Blows and Torments with enough wounds. Tidy up house, water plants, feed dogs, watch series, chat on discord, spend time with significant other so they don't complain about video games taking up your time together. Hel, even go to the gym. Come back after a while and see any fight you started finished with at least only your main character standing over the corpses, start another fight, AFK... You get it. EDIT - Oh, it looks a lot like the Hand of Doom build posted earlier. Doesn't even need the Community Patch though, I'm not using it, it's a lot of fun!
  2. I'd like to start a POTD upscaled run with a Priest of Eothas, continuing my imported save with the POE1 "good-y" world state and hoping for some nice RP along the way... My priest in POE1 was a tanky orlan with maxed resolve, buffing and nuking all the way through upscaled POTD there, as well. Never played another difficulty in POE1, also completed Ultimate achievement (Fire Godlike monk), but didn't like the bad implementation of upscaling in Deadfire if you try to play the game organically like I did in POE1. Also been reading about priests not being as good in Deadfire as SC (mediocre 8, 9 PL) and wanted to have some fun with the MC route with a class that complements it well, so Psion or Troubadour felt the best choices for me regarding class economy and party support. I'd really be interested in your Celebrant build with regards to that! As for the topic at hand, I did have the same idea to do this character for my "evil-y" run afterwards, using my import with POE1 Woedica zealot. I tried it out for a bit with a wild orlan, max resolve with sandals, rings+cloak of deflection, sword and shield style, plate armor and blunting belt, all before the enbgwithian ruins at start in POTD upscaled, about 70+ deflection... Still got hit and died in under 10s if I had a panther and a couple of ranged wurms hitting me. I guess it gets better later on with itemization, however it really does seem like this difficulty setup is all about killing things before they get to land a hit on you instead of trying to tank and riposte/retaliate (barb)?
  3. Hello! I have Pillars installed on my laptop and I also play it on my desktop. I have two main campaigns I play now, a Trial of Iron Ultimate run and a non-trial completionist run with a party. The latter gets synchronised with cloud saves and is available on both machines, but the former does not. When I finish a session and exit the Trial of Run game, I can see that steam shows synchronising saves and a 0% progress for a while, then it disappears and the save is never uploaded on the cloud, so I never get to play it on my desktop. Is this intentional or some kind of a bug? Many thanks in advance!
  4. I've been using the basics of this build for Aloth since the vanilla game, and yes it works even on non min-maxed characters just fine! You can rush level 10 Endless Paths (with a bit of cheese?) for the Rod of Pale Shades (-5 defences, stun on crits) and it's great, too! So, I'm not really sure how Weapon Focus synergizes with the Wizard's summoned weapons, and if those weapons inherit abilities from the one currently equipped... But if they do, I guess you could have something like a Spelltongue rapier (Noble) on swap and summon a weapon for better single target damage? Although, Golden Gaze damage is really nice for single target, too. I wanna test some stuff but I've kinda forgotten where to find Spelltongue!
  5. Hey everyone! I've been having a blast finishing the game with solo characters and my completionist playthrough with an RP-themed Vailian, Fire Godlike, Darcozzi Paladin on PotD without min-maxed stats to do all achievements, slay all big baddies and complete quest rewards in the "best" possible way. So this last one was a good guy deep down, but now I feel it's time to do my evil completionist playthrough. Now, I always try to play my evil guy as a monk with the premade companions and it usually turns out fun: brawler cannibal in Fallout, lawful evil BGT monk, ultimate betrayal amulet monk in NWN2-MotB, physical adept in Shadowrun etc... The problem is, I wanna try to min-max my stats a bit this time around and I've been thinking a lot about resolve and its usefulness in this case. The paladin made good use of the high Resolve tanking and getting best outcomes in conversations, but from what I remember usually it was about trying to avoid fights and fighting less enemies, and in some cases deceiving NPCs to keep some items instead of handing them out or keeping them with reputation losses. Thing is, how useful would that be to me if my evil monk is actually looking for a fight instead? What if he doesn't care about bad reputations for keeping an item or about doing the good/right/smart thing in a quest? I also know Resolve helps with will saves, concentration and incoming damage. But I need to get hit for wounds, and probably trigger Sanguine Plate + Shod-in-Faith combo to skip swift strikes (I will have Pallegina for Lay on Hands and Reinforcing Exhortation, too). Being interrupted can be a problem when you have 2-3 or more hitting you but it can be avoided usually. And also, my maxed FaC Paladin with high Intelligence+Resolve, +9 save item and chanter+priest buffs was always getting confused or dominated no matter what in my last PotD run... For a bit of additional info, I'm thinking of minimizing Intelligence and Resolve, going Iron + Turning wheel build, with Torment's Reach spam, a mystic from White that Wends and trying to decide on a nice racial (probably going pale elf for the RP and the ugly portrait). So really, how important could Resolve be for an evil guy like this one?
  6. Hi and sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately I deleted the file and started again, followed the same path and sided with Raedric this time and it was fine. Got my No Rest for the Pro achievement. I tried it again, too, and the dwarf woman was there indeed, but I wasn't able to speak to her. The problem was that the dream sequence at The Black Hound would not happen when resting, therefore when I went to the tree after resting the woman did not have the interactible circle or no trigger as usual was firing while approaching her. I may have clicked on the eastern edge of the Black Meadow map to see if I could reach Caed Nua before the dream sequence and speaking to the dwarf woman, then remembered to head back to town. Not sure if that helps at all. Caed Nua never appeared on my world map in any case.
  7. Hi. This issue happened in 2.03 GoG version. So, on my achievement hunting trip this weekend I started a new game to get the "No Rest for the Pro" achievement. Apparently, the game is not made to support someone going for this achievement. I made a party and rushed all accessible areas to clear them and do all quests before resting at the inn to conserve my available rest opportunities for the mid to end-game. I finished the quest "Lord of a Barren Land" siding with Kolsc and killing Raedric. Went back to the Gilded Vale inn to get some much needed sleep and head off to Caed Nua, only to realize that the quest "Visions and Whispers" will not update. Apparently, completing the former quest removes all the corpses from the tree making it impossible to complete the latter. A quick search revealed that others encountered this issue like 8 months ago... So please, if 8 months later it has not been fixed, yet, can it be in a "Known Issues" post at least? Unless there is a workaround for this? I do not want to use the console again, I will not be able to complete my achievement that way. My "output.log" file appears to be 30MB size by the way, so I compressed it in zip format to be able and attach it... DxDiag.txt output_log.zip
  8. Hi, as the topic title states this happens in 2.03 and I encountered it in 2.02 again before. Just an update, it appears that when this happens if you manually click save when in the middle of nowhere and not able to move, then you exit the game, restart it, load and appear in the map somewhere and can move again. Managed to do this and get my TCS achievement. As a side not, if trying to replicate it you may want to try copying the game saves folder. I have been moving the folder from the desktop to my laptop because I was traveling and wanted to continue in the meantime. This weekend I played a whole TCS from start to finish on one system and never encountered the error, that's why. In short, if anyone encounters this, too, then: manually save your game through the menu, exit the game, restart, load and should be ok.
  9. Hello. This is a bug I encountered before in my TWM 2.02 version while playing a full party Trial of Iron run again. That time I did not care about the achievements and used console to fast travel to another area and fix it, but now I want to go after the Triple Crown Solo achievement and I cannot afford to use the console solution again. The problem this time is the following: I was exploring Black Meadow Caed Nua (sorry for this!) and travelled from the western exit towards Gilded Vale and appeared at the location illustrated in this image: http://imgur.com/Lh3Xj1U. I cannot move from that location no matter where I click, be it open area or building entrance. The same bug occured back in 2.02 when I traveled from inside Raedric's Keep to the outside area through the main entrance. Obviously, I cannot load a previous save file to resolve this in Trial of Iron with the game autosaving in the new, faulty location and the moment I use the console I cannot do any achievements. This is really annoying and I am afraid of starting again a TCS ordeal to only end up in a similar spot after many hours of wasted effort and time from my life... I am using the GoG version of the game and verifying, deleting and downloading again has not helped with this problem. DxDiag.txt output_log.txt
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