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  1. A Mandalorian Wars Battlefront-ish game wouldn't work because there wouldn't be any recognizable hero units you could market (Fett, Vader, etc) and the grunts would have the same problem (no Stromtroopers, etc).

    An EAW-ish game would have a similar problem in that there wouldn't be any popular vehicles to include (AT-ATs, X-Wings, etc). It would just end up looking like a generic sci-fi RTS rather than a big deal Star Wars game.

    actually... they do have recognisable units and heros. you'd have to get the art director from KotoR and the guy who illustrated the Sith War (graphic novel) to put their heads together for the game but you could concievably come up with a pretty good game with bastila and Revan on oneside as leaders with the admral guy and Exile and Carth as commanders.


    It's hard to come up with Kotor hero's for mandalorians... I think we'd have a better chance of seeing the Sith war come out as a game over Mandalorian wars. you've got heroes and villians to fill out the rosters and you could easily get ships and designs for it.



    I think there are a few heros for the mandalorians Canderous and the Mandalor at the time of the mandalorian wars also these heros could be used in empire at war type game

  2. Hey dose any one think it would be a good idea to have a game based on the mando wars only using a gameplay like empire at war


    All depends what type of game.


    I dont go for the Battlefront and other Star Wars games but a fully developed RPG that detailed the start to finish of the mandalorian wars would be cool!


    Yeah anything from the kotor era would be fine with me

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