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  1. Still lurking? If you have something else to say do it.

  2. Hummm... Those did not come out in the right order at all... >_<

  3. fans –and you are far from being one of those- that get under my skin and not regular readers, so I hope you tread my posts with that in mind. :)

  4. No offence, but you really should try the World of Darkness (id est Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines) and some other vampire literature (id est Dracula or The Historian) before deciding that Twilight has the definitive version – although I do not know that you have done that and thus might have just put my foot in my mouth. Anyways, even if you do like Twilight, it is the books and rabid

  5. Your sig has an error.... >_<

  6. Also, did you READ the article you linked? The first line is: "Gay and lesbian couples will be able to get the SAME tax breaks as married couples from December, if they formalise their relationship through a civil partnership."

  7. Also, I am going to start a topic dedicated to this conversation - it's up to you where you post your responses.

  8. "you haven't mentioned to me a faith of any kind that you believe in."

    That is because I do not follow any faith.

  9. "Is there any indisputable supporting evolution? NO!"


    "Have any definite transional forms been found? NO!"


  10. As for how this began, our conversation stated because you were bashing homosexuals and then used religion as one of your reasons for doing so.

  11. "doesn't that scare you?"

    No. In fact, as I said before, I would rather spend eternity in hell than subject myself to the will of your unjust god. I am more moral than your god and I will not surrender that for anything.

  12. Why do I not believe in god? Well, that is a fairly simple question to answer - there is absolutely no evidence to support that belief.

  13. " you acknowledging the existence of God is simply the first step."

    Lulz... What the hell?! I never did that. Anyways, I'm going to move the topic to off-topic if you continue with your proselytizing -if only so I can properly quote you.

  14. Fear of god is a useless tool used by religions o keep the sheep in control - as is the concept of "sin." As for the move to off-topic, you are not the only Christain here.

  15. "1. It goes against nature."

    no evidence for that.

    "2. It's expensive."

    Only if you live a certain way.

    "3. God says it's wrong."

    Your god, even if it is real -something I doubt- is an immoral bastard anyway - why listen to him?

  16. "homosexuality is wrong because...

    God says that it is wrong."

    Epic lulz there...

  17. Although you were right in a way, she had black hair in the films.

  18. Masquerade! Masquerade! Anyways, I actually might go to one later this month... :)

  19. I don't think so, just look at the screenshots I posted of RE 3.

  20. I have it, and it is awesome. You should get the Enhanced Edition too unless you've already got a copy. :)

  21. Three or Four Count? :)

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