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  1. COMICS!?!?!?!?! That is going to ruin everything. Why do these things always appear after something pleasnt.?

    You got something against comics? <_<


    I am against the swarm of comics about star wars.

    Dude star wars comics are better than the movies and games. The 2002 -2005 Republic series beats ALL star wars films. You just don't know what you're talking about!

  2. But I guess there are children who feel like to feel important when hearing absurds wrapped in somber sentences...
    Well, 18 is a child, indeed. Way to go. By the way, repetitiveness is common in SW (just remember the Death Star, Droid Control Ship and Star Forge), and the second game has less of it than the first. Actually, it includes just the Jedi purge, which is forgettable.

    Don't forget about: Goto (droid from the death star), Remote (Obi-Wan's training ball), Nar Shaddaa (copied from Dark Empire without changes, which is silly cause it is 4000 years before DE) and Jedi Academy novels (the plot to restore the jedi, finding apprentices among normal people etc)


    I can barely stand repetitives in K1, but I can't forgive Jedi Purge 4000 years before actual Jedi Purge


    18 years means you're no child. Still admiring TSL storyline... strange.

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