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  1. Yeah, and I'm sure these elder people wanted half the galaxy killing the other half....

    Besides, from what I've read, some of you are a bit misguided. Love can be one's salvation, not one's end. Anyway, both extremes of the light and dark are thoroughly irritating. Grey is probably the best route.

  2. I don't think it's a glitch, they just don't do that much damage, what with their flappy wings a tiny teeths.

    Flaappy wings? I think you are thinking of something else, although I can't remember the name of that creature. And besides, glitch or no, they can get you down to 1 hp, and they still couldn't kill me.

  3. Deathfield doesn't do as much as it did in K1. And why would you need to use it if you have Storm? Because your weak. :)

    Absolutely. I agree. Besides which, light siders are invincible in the tomb, rendering death field unnecessary for any light user. :)

  4. I am playing the xbox version, so modding the game is not possible.

    Ahh, another xbox player. And welcome to the boards, by the way. Just keep looking. One of the alien blokes on Citadel station (sorry, can't remember his name) sells pazaak cards. As does the pazaak player in the citadel bar. Other than that, I don't know what else to suggest.

  5. Darth Keyan, just keeping doing some quests and you'll be able to get the Exchange annoyed, which is your ultimate goal here. That's what you want to do to get Visquis' attention. Here are some examples in spoilers below...in case...



    Have you gone ahead and saved the refugees in the Refugee Sector from the other Exchange boss? If not, go ahead and do that. You also should get rid of the rival clan or make peace with them, however you're playing the game. I forgot their name at the moment, so, just settle with them. After you do those things, I'm sure that Visquis will appear after you've saved the refugees. Oh, and try the swoop race thing,too. I'm not sure if that annoys the Exchange, but you can sabotage the race and get some extra money on the side.



    There you go. If this doesn't help, then you can always wait for Mortis, who always happens to have more info than I do. I hope this helps you.

    I think 'sorting' the droid annoys them, but it also helps when talking to Goto later on.

  6. The music to Malachor was good, but that is about it. I really don't notice the music on the star forge (I have other stuff playing over it), but the main reason the star forge is the best is the buid-up to saving Bastila and taking on Malak, and then an ending which doesn't make you think 'well, that was pretty pointless'. When I first completed Malachor, I was getting ready to activate every possible stimulant for my character, expecting a really big battle, then the credits came on. And then, on the second playthrough, it turned out I had a dodgy disk. Irrelevant, I know, but a pathetic ending coupled with having to try and get a replacement disk (They really don't make it easy) really annoyed me.

  7. I want to fly the Nebuchadnezar... but thats not SW, so I'll take the Hawk.


    And I'd go to the Star Forge, and if its not there anymore, then I'll conquer the rakatan world. :devil: *laughs maniacally*


    EDIT: ok, so I'd go to manaan. Boring as hell, but so peaceful.

    I wonder what the chances of finding a good chippie on Manaan are? :lol:

  8. I was ironic, u turd!!111 >:(


    You don't have to be so mean to me. :'(


    But I agree. I would like more character selection. I mean, a choice of ten ugly faces out of fifteen options isn't what I call appealing. It just wasn't what I'd call a beauty pageant on that character list.


    Or maybe have some voices added to main characters. But it wouldn't be that big a deal to me. Then again, our characters don't really need to speak or move their mouths. They just nod approvingly and gesture.

    And sometimes they don't even do that.

  9. But if your at a high level when you get the crystal there wouldn't be enough time/experience points to get the crystal to it's highest power. Because Kriea upgrades it after a few level ups, so if you get it later/after Korriban it will only glow dimly.


    And for the lightsided pc in the tomb; I've seen others suggest force drain, though I haven't tried it myself.


    :( ...EDITED: to make sense.

    Force drain does work for the light people. If it is basic force drain, I advise that you only spawn as many as you can take on with a blade or gun. For improved force drain, spawn two at a time to fill your force up, then spawn like there is no tomorrow (Xbox users be wary: the very first xboxes released won't be able to cope with more than 30 Hssiss at a time, otherwise the game crashes). With master force drain, all you need to do is spawn a mini army, use one (two, depending on how many you spawn) master force drain, then you can just unleash wave after wave of force storm.

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