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  1. It partially solved with cheating. 

    TLDR: Cheating worked with all itens except Cladhalíath


    I'm going try to sum what I did I trying to restore Draining to my items:

    1- First I checked if I had the draining.unity3d file. And I had it.

    2- Then I exit the dungeon that I was at and went to a merchant. I sold my items (Cladhalíath, Borresaine and Edge of Reason) and bought it again - after I put it in a container and grabbed it and equip in a party member, dismiss him and recruit again. Nothing happend.

    3- At this moment I thought that my "draining.unity3d" file was corrupted. Being so I download it again in the link suggested. And the draining still gone.

    4- Then I decided it was time to cheat. I downloaded the IE mod and found the name of my Cladhalíath spear (that had a different name) and I added to my inventory. Oddly enough my recently added Cladhalíath had no draining.

    5- After a really long time I had this idea: what if I tried with other items, because Cladhalíath had this ritual thing. And it worked with Borresaine and Edge of Reason.


    I'm happy that I could save most of my items. But I'm annoyed because I lost a lot of time on this, I'm not in the mood to game anymore and lost my Cladhalíath - I really enjoyed that item.


    Devs, if I may make a suggestion: in the next patch add a console command to add enchantments on items. I could save a lot of time for people with the same problem.


    Ps. Draing lost the "Draing:" identification

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