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  1. Big changes i noticed:


    - +1 pen all two handed weapons

    - DAOM now adds 15% action speed

    - all cipher charms down to 15 sec

    - they fixed the alchemy bug

    - new spell tactical meld added for ciphers

    - figureines now have charges


    Im completely stunned they nerfed rangers and paladins even harder. They are both very weak classes and i though they where due for a buff. Especially rangers


    Also i cant find the in game MOD support where is it?


    I don't understand the figurines charges meaning? Is that means it can be rechargable?

  2. Play in steam For 27 hours.

    This is the first time I caught this error.

    Not sure if this is about the beta patch I just updated.


    There 3 save files in here. 2 of them which contain parentheses might be auto-copied by the game.



    Please help me Mr. Dev.

    Here is the error photo took by my cellphone





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