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  1. I read in older threads that there is a bug which happens when the player quick saves right after the conversation with Maerwald and before the battle.


    This is what really causes this bug. I am now certain, because I restarted the game, played up to Caed Nua and made some tests.


    Initially, I tried to defeat Maerwald without quicksaving. Wasn't easy, because I am playing PotD. Took several reloads, going through the conversation each time. I managed to kill Maerwald, then I killed the Flame Blight. After the combat was over, I got the choices dialog and all the quests updated correctly.


    Then I made a quick save after the conversation. I again killed Maerwald and the Flame Blight was again alive. The Time and Tide quest updated. I killed the Flame Blight, finishing the battle. Then nothing happened - I didn't get the choices dialog, The Old Watcher quest didn't update and I didn't get the Never Far From The Queen quest.


    That is good to know. Thank you for your experiment.


    However, because major encounters tend to be difficult ones, I have enjoyed to save after conversation and before battle. It is sad to learn that I should not use that method.

  2. I was playing second playthrough. Not long after I entered Defiance Bay and Act II, suddenly I realized that my main quest has not been updated since Caed Nua. It was the quest named 'Old Watcher' and it said I should confront the watcher whose name I forgot. Of course, I already met him and killed him so that I could repair the eastern tower so I can get to Defiance Bay. 


    Actually, main quest proceed with almost no trouble. I met Woedica's ghost follower at the First Fire and he directed me to the sewer. However, journal doesn't get updated and more importantly, I do not get any reward from the main quest. Concerning side quests, their journal updated normally and I get rewards normally, too.


    I already tried console command that force-proceed the quest progress with IE mod installed, but it didn't do anything on the main quest while the console command do its job on the side quests. I suppose it is because my main quest 'The Old Watcher' is already completed in my flags.


    Maybe I can just play with intuition to complete the second playthrough's main quest and fill the lacking XP from more side quests (another difficulty increase mode for myself, I guess), but the bug is quite unsettling and I want to fix it if there is a known solution.

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