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  1. I am not satisfied with the writing in this game.


    for example when you follow the dead valians into the enigwathian machine you discover that they got killed by trinkets with confusion wards cast on them.

    Under this confusion the leader also wrote a logbook where he thinks about sucking peoples souls into adra. Obviously insane. And shortly after they kill each other.



    When i get back to the village i do not have the option to confront them about the confusion curse, i can only tell them that they were totally right and valians are evil.



    Just one example of a sidequest that i found unsatisfactory, there are many more instances where you are forced into something you dont believe in as a player, sometimes just simple dispositions, sometimes big actions.

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  2. There is no way for me to stop him escaping, it is really annoying me right now.


    i can kill him and she tells me i should have captured him, i can talk to her and she instantly tells me he escaped, i can talk to him and he will act as if i did not turn him in yet.

    I replayed the whole quest and tried different things with the pirate encounter in the street, too.



    i am really annoyed right now, so i better stop writing.

  3. the debuff stasis doesnt work for my paladin nor my priest, the frenty doesnt work anymore, backstab doesnt work with abilities, cipher spell that echoes the damage didnt work last time i used it, monk iron wheel overwrites the offensive one without saying anything in the tooltip.


    i think there are some spells i forgot about, cant remember all the screwups by myself






    Enemies don't suicidally rush your back-line if your front-line engages and has enough damage/accuracy to make eating disengagement attacks a bad idea. If you're going for a fully defensive front-line with poor offense, don't be surprised if the enemies disengage without a care.

    exactly.  And you can still have defensive characters but as I explained play offensively with your accuracy.



    There's still this mindset that you can't tank effectively without maxing deflection. Players need to adjust and re-assess what makes a good tank in version 2.0.





    all you need for deflection is resolve now, there is no reason not to have high might, especially on a paladin with their heals.


    barbarian would like to go min might, but then again it will have ae knockdowns or stuns then.

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