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  1. 5 hours ago, bugarup said:

    Also decided to try out a JRPG. Read glowing reviews for "Trails in the sky", bought it, realized that, a) those reviews were written by JPRG fans, b) J and W RPGs seemingly run on very different sets of quality criteria, c) I am not the target audience. Like, game's world building gets praised as something extraordinary, but it's just, well, 3.6 roentgen. I wonder how bad other JRPGs have it if this passes for excellence. :getlost: Also, fighting takes too long, monsters look very silly, soundtrack is elevator music and the game seriously pushes romance between protagonists who are adopted siblings. ūü§ģūü§ģūü§ģ

    Talk to the NPCs. They have their own lives that go on as you progress the game. It has nothing to do with you, it's something very easy to miss, and yet the creators still wrote thousands of lines that 90%+ of players never see. Also, the world building is pretty great but they don't just dump all of it on you at once. You have to play father into the series.

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  2. I'm holding out hope that Microsoft buys the rights for Tyranny outright. I don't think Paradox will actually use them and I'm not sure how much their bean counters will value the property at. Honestly, I don't think it'd cost them that much, relatively speaking. I think there's plenty of room for Obsidian to make games for two different fantasy franchises especially since they're so stylistically different.

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  3. 9 hours ago, Keyrock said:

    I'm getting a Betrayal at Krondor vibe.

    Yeah. They even took the spell casting UI almost wholesale from BaK. But, that is why I'm interested.

    For anyone wondering, there is a closed beta for Call of Saregnar but seeing as that trailer is from 3 years ago and the project's only survived because of Petron support, the game's probably still a long ways off.

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  4. 4 hours ago, Wormerine said:

    I don't think there is Watcher story per-say. I don't even think that "Watcher" had a story in PoE2. Even if PoE3 happened and it was a direct sequel to PoE2, they can swap the protagonist and it would still be fine. And who knows, perhaps the "cliffhanger" (which I don't think is an accurate description of PoE2 ending, as unsatisfying as it might be - conflict in Deadfire is resolved, and Watcher recovers his soul) sets up the universe for Avowed?


    In the first game you find out the gods aren't real. In the second game you see the wheel as it's broken. Presumably the third game would have you chose between fixing the wheel, leaving it broken, or forging a new path. Why is the Watcher connected in all this? 'Cause he/she's the only person who knows about this. Even if the have a sequel with a new character it wouldn't make sense because while the wheel is broken no one outside of the Watcher and his crew would know how to tell that it's broken (thanks to his conversation with Eothas).


  5. 3 hours ago, BrokenMask said:

    Never really heard about "Pillars of Eternity" being planned as trilogy though, kinda saw it as "they will do as many games as they feel like in different parts of the world" dealio

    I don't think it was originally planed as a trilogy but given that the second game is a direct sequel and it ends in a cliffhanger, everyone, including myself, expects a POE3 to finish up the Watcher's story.

  6. 17 minutes ago, Keyrock said:

    Edit: Could we get PB and Platinum Games drunk and have them make a baby game together? It would either be utterly brilliant or a Hindenburg-level disaster, but I GUARANTEE it wouldn't be dull. :lol:

    Japanese, German group mating? Think I saw that one.

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  7. 1 hour ago, BruceVC said:

    But are you sure the Demo cant be improved on around the criticisms you had  ?

    Absolutely it can be improved, but what made it terrible was that it was the exact opposite in tone to the original Gothic.

    OG Gothic starts out with you being read your rights, an official interrupts to hand you a scroll to take to the mages, official tells you doing so the mages will reward you, you agree and get tossed into the pond at the bottom of the cliff. Dragging yourself to the shore, you meet one of the old camp followers who lifts you up by the collar and punches your lights out. Then you meet Diego who makes it clear that the only reason he's being nice is 'cause he's there to recruit for the old camp and if you tell him about the scroll he lets you know that if he wasn't on kill-on-sight terms with the mages he'd kill you and deliver it himself. The first guards in town try to shake you down for protection money upon your entry into the old camp. Everyone treats you like what you are, the new bottom b****.

    The demo had some unnamed or even introduced NPC toss you the scroll with no explanation, and they send you down in a pulley. After a pointless explosion and way too long cut scene you land in a cave within the magic barrier. After a combat tutorial with multiple raptors (who are easy to defeat) you meet Diego who immediately takes a liking to you (even compliments you on how 'skilled' you are even though he found you passed out). He tells you what the scroll is and where to take it and after reaching the old camp the guard is all polite and complimentary (no one paid you real compliments in OG Gothic) tells you to come on inside. That's where the demo ends.

    The point is, OG Gothic was all about the grind to the top where as the demo for the remaster was all about power fantasy. It makes me thing the people who worked on the demo, at least, didn't really understand what makes Gothic so good.

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  8. On 3/14/2021 at 8:09 AM, Wormerine said:

    Gothic remake is underway, and it's developed by a newly formed studio in Barcelona. 

    I think Gothic1&2 are games that could really benefit from ground-up remake - when it comes to combat I felt Souls games delivered gameplay wise what Gothic was aiming for back in early 2000s. That said, that's a high bar of quality to expect. I didn't play much of the demo due to my laptop not being able to run it properly, but from what I played and saw, it was pretty awful. I am not having high hopes for this one, but I will keep my fingers crossed.

    I played the demo last year. It was terrible. I'll stick to the original with mods.

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  9. RedBird Capital (aka, Dwayne Johnson and Dany Garcia) are talking with the CFL about their opportunities going forward. This smells like a hostile takeover to me and I'm not alone as twitter's running wild with theories about a CFL/XFL merger. As a fan of both leagues (go, Saskatchewan Roughriders) I love this idea. I just hope that if a merger does happen they keep the Canadian rules as I don't see either league having much success grabbing a US market using NFL rules without NFL talent.

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  10. 7 minutes ago, Hurlshot said:

    Wow dog_days, are you reading the novels as well? :p

    I am a bookworm and since my computer died I've been getting more reading in, too. Nothing educational but whatever I find lying about my sister's house and since she has two preteens they're mostly YA novels and the like.

    But no, I'm not reading the tie in novels.

    5 minutes ago, BruceVC said:

    I now have even more respect for you, do you need money ?

    I always need money.

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  11. Forgot to mention I played the dlc for DA2, as well (playing all the dlc in each game is a part of the challenge). Legacy was alright with a good boss fight at the end where my healer and off tank went down almost immediately so I had to do the entire fight without half my party.

    Mark of the Assassin felt like a guest celebrity episode of a sitcom. By the end my grumpy mage hate Felicia Day or whatever her name was. Which was funny 'cause they tried so hard to make you think the character is awesome. I'm guessing Mark of the Assassin is where BioWare got the idea for Diana Allers as they both go way over the creepy threshold.

    Finally there's the Sebastian dlc. Summary: he will complain about everything (and the voice actor does a good job) but then they didn't get any of the other cast in to record reactions so Sebastian comes off as some whining ghost.

    I haven't done any DA:I dlc yet.

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  12. A little over a month ago my computer overheated. With nothing but my Switch and my nephew's Xbox One to occupy my time, I decided to replay the Dragon Age games.

    Origins was great. I forgot how dark some of the notes and codex get and about the slog in the middle. I played a human rogue, didn't romance an companion (though I did hookup with several NPCs), never recruited Zevran (my family had just been assassinated so I wasn't feeling merciful), betrayed Alistair, married Anora, tried to get Logain to do the dark ritual but must've missed the right dialog prompt and had to do all the heavy lifting myself.

    Followed up playing all the DLC and Awakening. Most of the DLC is kinda blah except for a boss fight at the end of Golems of Amgarrak. Even Witch Hunt was boring until Morigan showed up in the final few minutes. Awakening, on the other hand, is pretty darn good. I've been saying for years they shoulda expanded Awakening and just made that Dragon Age 2.

    DA2 is still every bit as bad as I remembered it being from the one other time I played it. I didn't like the characters, the city is tiresome, the combat is mechanically improved but the fights with multiple waves of enemies in every encounter makes it boring, and the ever present fact there's no central conflict as a player goal all hamper it.

    I was short tempered a mage dude with a one sided crush on Aveline. I won't waste your time with anymore about what I didn't in this game 'cause no matter what you do or who you recruit the ending is always the same as I found out.

    Currently I'm playing DA:I. I hate the wartable (which is something there's a mod for if only I could play on PC. Which is ironic 'cause it's a substitute for a better system they used in Awakening. I'm about half way through and struggling to find motivation to keep on. That's despite not recruiting the annoying companions.

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