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  1. Now I'm regards to sexualisation in PoE2 this is just solely my own opinion. But I do know my opinion may get attacked by certain feminist.

    First thing I noticed PoE Vs PoE2.. was female body. In PoE female body is very appealing. In PoE2 you get the picture.  Also don't get me started on the armour at all in PoE. I can't recall any of them are appealing at all.

    Secondly, portrayal of gods in PoE2 were that they are all UGLY. They are being drawn really ugly. You can see Ondra statue. It's barely naked yes but they quickly cover it with an ugly fish head.

    Thirdly, look at character portraits. Pallegina initially being drawn so manly compared to her more feminine look in first PoE. They have changed it before the final release. Also look at Ydwin. She looks more like a trans to me than a female. They however couldn't cover her voice over where try voice actress voice is beautiful. A sense of disconnection here. Thankfully there is someone kind enough to "beautify" their looks which I personally use them in my games.

    PoE2 is a mature rated game? It has drugs? Alcohol? Yes some nudity in bath house but they really shy away from it from the game. Not really sure who are Obsidian target audience. If it were for kids turn it should not even have heavy influence on drugs or alcohol.

    Now I'm sure some offended people may come in and insult me as basement dweller or pervert. Just FYI I'm none of them and I have a partner IRL. Just sharing my opinion for whoever that may be interested.

    PS. Also for some who have not noticed, banshee in PoE was an attractive lady? PoE2 you guessed it right. A male. I'm just highlighting out why they purposely go this far in doin this.

    It's same like EA dragon age inquisition they make a desire demon as a male. It's also same as going so far that a succubus can be a man. But what's the purpose that they are trying to tell me?



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  2. This is solely my opinion.

    DOS2 trumps POE2 for me. No NOT TB. I prefer RTwP. But how did a TB game > POE2 for me?

    - The world in DOS2 seems more beautiful for me. Maybe perhaps their rotatable 3D engine? In terms of art style POE2 is nicer. But they should have just dump the nostalgic idea of old 2D aesthetic feeling of the game.

    - DOS2 quests, story and voice-over were really top notched. The amount of content, no hand-holding, no marker on maps, no telling you what you should do and how you should play the game. This easily POE2 was out beaten. Maybe DOS2 has a far bigger budget.

    - POE2 was a different game after 3 months from it's release. Major nerfs and nerfs and nerfs till i don't have any more idea. I play the game quite late and game is really hard for me. Thankfully there are many veterans here who helped me out. Most should already knew him without me naming him.

    - POE2 claims that each battle were hand-crafted but i somehow feels DOS2 battle far more better than that.

    Also all you see here was me mentioning DOS2.. i did play some Pathfinder:KingMaker and that was really good too!. I think Obsidian can really learn from Larian and Owlcat.


    I really hope for a POE3 but IF they were going to make one.. they have to ensure it really feels NEW and really good. For example comparing DOS1 and DOS2 was a big difference for me. They have to make such changes to lure audiences. 

  3. sorry didnt follow the thread for quite some time. does suppress affliction affects all hostile abilities?


    if so please find my saved game. i use the suppress affliction ring and it doesnt seems to suppress the whitewind though.



  4. I'm more than a little ruffled that they haven't acknowledged this yet. After not delivering a fix for almost a full year.

    They mostly abandoned the game already. If I'm them I probably do the same focusing on outer worlds now. Most fanboys are keen on defending them.


    They often forgot they are not doing charity. They are a business. Obsidian games are really quality in terms of content and gameplay.


    The biggest issues are bugs. Obsidian games are really buggy and they seems to not have any quality and standards in resolving them. Often recurring bugs. And not only that. Critical bugs even reintroduced in a game that released more than a year.


    The more they fix or change it the worst it becomes. It's really disappointing for me as a gamer.

  5. it is truly annoying. i thought i had wait for them to fix bugs.. but the more i wait.. the more bugs it has. i work in saas industry. i would end up in disciplinary action if i weren't able to resolve certain bugs or issues within SLA. i would say it's really nice if i don't really have to revert or even answer to any bug or technical issues at all. 

  6. Thanks Boeroer!. This is really complicated. Mind blowing...  By the way.. i wanted to ask regarding damage roll. Where and how do we see the range damage?


    Base on my 2nd screenshot, i rolled 12.2. I attached a new screenshot. Damage of Kapana Taga should be around 18 - 25? How do we end up rolling 12.2? Is there another formula for this?


    I also check the stats of Kapana the base is 10 damage. So was wondering how this 12.2 roll gets from. Thanks and sorry for the false report.




    I dunno, I play this game because it isn't turn based. If I wanted a game with turn based mode I'd play Shadowrun or Divinity Original Sin. It's not about Turn Based not being good or not working for a game like Pillars. It's about Pillars turning into another game and giving up it's own identity. For me one of the main reasons to play the game would be gone. If it is optional and you can make it work, sure go ahead. Making Pillars 3 fully turn based would probably push back some if not a lot of the fanbase. It would push me away, because there's games where turn based just is so much better. There would be no reason for me to play Pillars anymore.

    did they take away real time on this game or is this actually about something else

    They didn't. I threw an "if" in there.

    The issue is.. what if there are some mechanics that work with RT but has to be compromised because they want to make both working for TB. That is something I have issue with

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