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  1. Hey buddy, been a long time since I've been back here. How are you? Looking back on old comments... hahaha, Jesus Jong-Christ.

    1. Tale


      Welcome back.

  2. Houston we have a problem. This guy doesn't buy into our fear porn.

  3. Good to see you're still around, eh.

    1. alanschu


      Thank Project Eternity :)

  4. Were you successful in trying to go full on retard? You can always read YouTube comments to pick up some new tricks if you're struggling.

  5. I'm going to hold you for ransom some day. At least I know where to start searching. Osaka, here I come!

  6. And you're right, I do my avatar justice - I'm simply too hot to handle.

  7. Dead brain? Yet I'm still alive and typing on a forum. Sweet. Clinical brain death can't even stop me.

  8. Hi dimwitted moron noob pizza face nerd, how are you today?

    1. Oner


      see, you prove being dimwitted just fine, deadbrain. ^^

    2. Oner


      Even better, you do your avatar justice!

  9. How's college?

    1. Krookie


      Pretty sweet. Joined a fraternity. Great friends, great parties. Grades are holding up pretty well too. How you been?

    2. The Architect

      The Architect

      Good to hear. I'm alright, been busy with work and uni, but off campus. In another couple years I'm hoping to go regularly on campus as a postgrad and get amongst it. Should be great.

    3. Krookie


      Sweet deal. I'm at a pretty big school and the campus life has been great, just embrace it. You'll dig it.

  10. I think that was a common reaction to Mass Effect 3's "ending".

  11. It's a strange looking place these days.

  12. Do you still have that hippie girlfriend?

  13. Hey buddy, how you doing, or are you still not paying attent--- hey there's a frog.

  14. Just popping in to ask how Prime Minister Peter Jackson is going. Also, are there going to be any orcs in the Hobbit Part 1, or won't you be in it till parts 2 and 3? :shifty:

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    2. The Architect

      The Architect

      What a shame, that would have been really cool.

    3. The Architect

      The Architect

      What a shame, that would have been really cool.

    4. The Architect

      The Architect

      What a shame, that would have been really cool.

  15. Who isn't Accept in bed with these days? Filthy Swede. :shifty:

  16. Just thought I'd pop in and say hello to the laughing stock of the forum.

  17. Damn straight this retard is still around!

  18. Stay the **** in New Zealand, we don't want you; besides, there are enough of you sheep shaggers over here in Australia as it is. :shifty:

  19. I'm sorry, did you just say something?

  20. Hey old buddy, how you doing?

  21. Haha, bloody typical.

  22. He's a real nowhere man, sitting in his nowhere land.

  23. Hey homo pants, I decided to petition against your face being exposed in public. No one deserves to be subjected to that thing. :shifty:

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