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  1. Granted that all these spells are situational anyway, how do you feel they are balanced ? It is hard to evaluate before different spells use different pools of ressources, but it seems to me that the higher level ones don't grant much extra benefits.

    This is especially meh for Llengrath Reflection : I don't think there is much point to waste your highest tier spell for such a spell. DnD Equivalent also enables to reflect higher spell levels, but here it doesn't seem to be the case.

    (Yes, I'm wondering about tweaking them)

  2. As pointed by @Testlum, Thick Skinned bonus engagement works ONLY if above 50% health (its is confirmed both by Gamedata and tested in-game)

    This is a bit annoying since it is not documented in the description. It only applies to bonus engagement, not AR Bonuses.


    Thick Skinned is a bit "above the curve" as an ability, even considering this.

    However, I think the minor annoyance of buffing an already decent ability is counterbalanced by having an ability matching its description (and matching what everyone expected until now... that's why I prefer this change rather than chaning the description). Therefore, I'm probably going to take this into account in next BPM version.

    I don't think it would be too powerful anyway.

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  3. On 10/8/2021 at 9:36 PM, Noqn said:

    I feel like I've gotten as far as I can without consulting you guys for the next step in regards to design.

    Starting Point

    I honetly LOVE that it was possible to spawn (and trap 🙂) the player in the area from the get-go. Unless you guys disagree I'd like to keep it like this.

    Yes, it is definitely a feature.

    On 10/8/2021 at 9:36 PM, Noqn said:

    However, there's still the question of exactly which point in the quest it's best to start the campaign...

    1. As if the player just entered the Temple of Toamowhai for the first time. (Forcing the Tyrant of Decay fight.)
    2. As if the player just completed the Tyrant of Decay fight, starting the conversation with the apologizing guard.
    3. (2), but skipping the conversation with the apologizing guard. The first thing you would do is talk with Humaire.
    4. Spawn the player as though they've defeated the Tyrant of Decay and had the introduction dialogue with Humaire.

    I think 1 would feel the best from a story perspective... the remaining dialogue in 2-3 would miss some context, or feel weird as an introduction dialogue (with 2 being by far the most akward I believe). However, in 1 you'd have to face a hard fight before having a chance to recruit adventurers (or recruiting them through not-very-seamless scripting).

    4. Brings you imediately to being able to start the encounters, but might feel akward regarding dialogue/quests?

    A fight with the Tyrant of Decay would conflict with the nature of the mod, which is meant to help you build a full custom party and experience it in battle. And even with a way to recruit before this battle, you won't be able to buy equipment, so you'll still be gimped. Even by nerfing the Tyrant, it would still be a pseudo naked Solo experience, and that is not how the mod is meant to be played, as it will put a specific constraint on your MC build (and my secret intent is of course to enable all styles of play, so people can get wild with my Balance Polishing Mod ahahahahahahahaha).

    I'll avoid this battle entirely and go to point 3-4, whichever feels the less awkward. Anyway, the mod users will know this is a only mod made by players and that the dialogue won't match exactly. Point 3 feels fine to get a proper introduction even if there are a couple of weird sentences about your "previous encounter".

    There might be a clever way to add back the Tyrant battle in a further version of the mod, but I won't go this way for the default/initial version.

    On 10/8/2021 at 9:36 PM, Noqn said:

    Starting Level & Experience gain

    I agree with @Elric Galad here:

    Another argument in favor of this is that SSS quests are Lv16 to begin with 🙂

    Though I can see a case for starting level of 19-20.

    Level 16 feels sweet. Especially because it is a new Tier for everyone and Single Class even starts start getting their unique stuff at this point.

    Though I'll have the main character start at level 17 so hirelings will actually be 16.

    Then the experience gain shall be adjusted so your hirelings will be level 20 about 3/4 of content of the DLC (MC will be 20 sooner, and everyone will get their ultimate Tier unlocked before this point when reaching lvl 19).

    On 10/8/2021 at 9:36 PM, Noqn said:

    Equipment / Money

    What gear goes to merchants, what is given to the player by default, what goes as rewards? Also, how much starting money - enough to get the build going but not maxed out? A couple 100k?

    I'll go with 100k initial gold + amount necessary to get 4 hirelings, as well as a couple of weapons/armors of each kind in exceptional quality.

    I think the amount of gain shall be adjusted so you end up with several 100k gold (minus what spent). But I have no clear idea about the sweet spot.

    Adjusting the Gold Gain to the right amount will probably require a bit of testing, cause I can't figure the right theoritical answer for it.

    I think you can repeatly gain gold when farming the same battle several times in current SSS version. But I'm not sure. Anyway, I think this should be enabled (it was possible in black pit). Farming shall not be necessary (just a possibility when you really want to buy something before a specific battle).

    I'll unlock ALL equipment* and consumables, except the ones that can be unlocked through battle. You should already have a functional full list from you previous mod. If it is not too difficult, you can allocate items to the various vendors by category.

    On 10/8/2021 at 9:36 PM, Noqn said:


    Some conditionals for non-SSS Soulbounds cannot be fulfilled, such as sailing into a thunderstorm with Lord Darryn's Voulge.

    We could either...

    1. Skip the impossible conditionals.
    2. Set all non-SSS Soulbounds to max level when they're collected.

    *I would honnestly skip the Soulbounds with impossible conditionals for the version 1.0 of the mod.

    There shouldn't be too many of them.

    I guess it is not that complicated to edit the property of items to change the conditionals for something that can be fullfilled for a further version of the mod. It doesn't have to be very original. For the Voulge Tier 2, you can go with 750 shock damages (x3 Tier 1 condition).

    On 10/8/2021 at 9:36 PM, Noqn said:


    I think there are two ways we can go with this mod in general. Either we treat this as a real campaign, in the sense that you gradually gain levels and better equipment... or we let the player start with max level, gear, etc and just let them go wild.

    Two suggestions based on this:

    1. Start at Lv16, starting gear is one of each Armor & Weapon type of Superior quality (all uniques are sold by merchants/encounter rewards), Soulbounds will auto-unlock only impossible upgrades.
    2. Start at Lv20, with all (non-SSS) unique items, (non-SSS) Soulbounds will auto-unlock all stages.

    What are your feelings on this, everyone? @Elric Galad@house2fly@Kvellen@Hoo

    I'll go with the first. Getting experience is satisfying in general (that's a bit the tradmark of RPG after all) and Lvl 16 (17 for MC) is a point where you have already unlocked most of the stuff anyway, so you're already wild enough.

    2. might be an option, if it's not too complicated, it might even work when combined with your other mod, nay ?

    On 10/8/2021 at 9:36 PM, Noqn said:

    Btw, should I make a thread for taking feedback in the general/strategy forums as well? I have a hunch people over there might be interested as well.


    Yeah, I think it is worth sharing there. I admit I forgot about this thread myself and only remarked you were working on it when you named me. My apologies for forgetting about it.

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  4. 20 minutes ago, SirMirrorcoat said:

    About Stalker's Patience. Is it worth dumping all my leftover skill points into Stealth for the Flanking bonus? If I can do math correctly, it should only boost the damage by 1% every 2 skill points. Doesn't seem worth it to me, but maybe I am missing something. The (imo) better alternative would be getting Arcana to 15 to have every scroll available to cast.

    I'm using Stalker's Patience as main weapon with my SC Stalker and her Skill point are optimized for Arcana. Granted, she is the main Arcana user of the party. It was the character that needed the most ability variety from her consumables. Even with this, she has around 3-5 stealth (I like having a bit on all character), so it's still something.

    If I had another Arcana user, I could have made her my sleath/sleight of weight specialist of course (with a bit of Arcana for variety - even a modest 5 points give access to Tier 1-4 scrolls).

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  5. 1 hour ago, SirMirrorcoat said:

    Do I screw myself on PotD if I keep my Shepherd only have 13 base MIG? I would *really* like these over-the-top base 22 PER xD
    Mathematically it's only 6% less dmg/healing (because the alternative is 15 MIG and 20 PER)
    At least early on MIG doesn't have that much of an impact, but PER very well does. And I will go for crit-fishing later on, so more PER should be quite impactful...

    And yes, I restarted again because I like the new Orlan pic in MaxQuest's portrait pack so much :)

    I don't feel Might critical for weapon attack in general, cause it is additive with all these weapon quality mod. It is neat for healing, but practiced healer or Chanter bonus healing done chant makes it also a bit less important later.

    PER can be abused in various way to get more Graze/Hit/Crit, which helps from getting more Interrupt to Weapon special effect procs. 

    Your character is optimized for this, so certainly not stricly inferior to 15 MIG / 20 PER (and such a small variation has a low impact anyway)

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  6. 3 hours ago, NotDumbEnough said:

    Kitchen Stove for instant full focus from Thunderous Report. It's a fan-shaped AOE which deals ~100 damage, nice thing about it is that it's per-combat and you actually gain focus from the ability since it counts as a weapon attack.

    Yep, it's good but I don't think it's specifically good with an effect allowing you to attack faster...

  7. 7 hours ago, NotDumbEnough said:

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought melee+ranged weapon combos didn't work for full attacks. I think I tried that with a Flail+Blunderbuss Rogue in the past, I remember that I could either do a Gambit with melee or ranged but not both.

    Indeed, but Whirling Strike isn't coded as a normal full attack and do work. Maybe Heart of Fury too.

  8. 54 minutes ago, Boeroer said:

    Note that Concussive Tranquilizer does work with the AoE of mortars which is great (AoE interrupt and stripping off buffs) - but Wounding Shot does not. 🤷‍♂️


    Concussive Tranquilizer with any blunderbuss by the way. Multiple hits for massive buff reduction is neat, and multiple Interrupt on Graze to go through layers of concentration are neat.

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  9. Also another possibility :

    You can use Whirling Strikes with a melee&ranged weapon combo.

    Driving Flight even applies to such ranged attacks to proc more hit.

    It's quite fun with either one of the Mortars in left hand.
    Or Scordeo's Trophy (with Strategic Blitz) to get stacks or melee weapon recovery reduction. Fast melee Attacks + Stunning Shots is quite nice.  

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  10. On 9/19/2021 at 6:00 PM, Noqn said:

    Agh, noticed one thing. Strengthened Bond (but not Defensive Bond) seems to already apply correctly to NPCs in vanilla (it only checks for Defensive Bond & Character LV).

    We could add only Defensive_Bond_Pet without its Strengthened_Bond_Pet counterpart, but then Defensive_Bond_Pet wouldn't be removed by the vanilla table...

    I'll test a version which adds Defensive_Bond_Pet, and a corresponding table entry which removes Defensive_Bond_Pet without adding a new ability.

    So, base game has strengthened bond working correctly.

    First version of yours made double strengthened bond on the pet. Or adds a new strengthened bond that stacked with defensive bond maybe ?

    New version let the old strengthened bond but have a new item that only exists to remove defensive bond.


    Just to be sure I got it.

    Edit : anyway, it works. Version 1.5.0 is on the way.

    Edit edit : Version 1.5.0 is live. It only merges the content of Highest priority package into Buffs package, which removes the special loading instructions.

    Deadfire Balance Polishing Mod at Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire Nexus - Mods and Community (nexusmods.com)

    Thanks @Noqn

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  11. 1 hour ago, Hoo said:

    I'm not sure this belongs to either Community Mod or Balance Polishing Mod, but it seems that Ninagauth's Killing Bolt doesn't summon Spectre even if I it killed an enemy of non-spirit type. Could you check it out?

    Yeah, it's weird, it seems to fail on first try. But I have no clue what happens. The bug isn't caused by one of the mod. I would have corrected it anyway if I had a clue about the cause. 

  12. 4 hours ago, Hoo said:

    By the way, I'd like to suggest an idea for self-revive abilities that activates after being knocked unconscious (Fighter's Unbreakable/Unrelenting and Paladin's Providence and Sacred Sacrifice would be the target in this case, even though Sacred Sacrifice is active ability).


    Most of those abilities require higher level to acquire, but are very much situational.
    I'd not say "Higher level abilities must be stronger than lower level abilities", but the principle of BPM is somewhat similar with this, isn't it?
    I mean, You've been tweaking lots of things for making SC attractive as much as MC is, so I personally think that those abilities also need to be handled.


    Of course, I know BPM has already been doing it, however, the thing making why the abilities are meh still remain as it is imo; Rest is forced after battle with using the abilities, in order to remove Injury.

    This may seems small and minor, but the QoL (Quality of Life) is quite important.
    Injury can be removed by a specific potion, and there is not disadvantage or demerit to keep resting, but most of players would not prefer to wear equipment that provides abilities with x/rest for sure.


    I'd like to suggest tweaking those abilities' QoL, meaning that those don't give injury status while being knocked unconscious with some limitation, something like cooldown you've added on several abilities such as on Furyshaper's penalty while Ward is destroyed.

    Lastly, in case of Vengeful Defeat, how about changing the activated condition from being knock unconscious to Near Death with the cooldown limitation? 


    But, yeah, I should consider how the changes are hard or easy to implement technically, in aspect of modding. If those are time-consuming process or nearly impossible to implement, just forget it and forgive me please. 😅

    Hi, thank you for making suggestions, but this is not in line with my plan.

    1) technically, this is indeed annoying. The biggest factor here is that it isn't possible to remove 1 injury or prevent 1. You can only remove them all as part of an effect.

    2) The changes I've made are BECAUSE these abilities are situational. This is the reason I buffed them in the first place. Unrelenting adds +5 Discipline because it is annoying to use. Providence provides an effect that lasts to the whole battle in order to avoid making it more useful when you only procs once (which is already situational). On the other hand, Providence provides Pals an almost absurd resilience in the right situation. I've kept Resurrection Prevent Death for a similar reason : contrary to BDD, it is impossible to spam.

    3) I usually don't change the philosophy of an ability, unless it is redundant with some others. Vengeful defeat would be a little too close from barbaric retaliations if I changed it.

    4) There are plenty of ability choices, and none of the said abilities are meant to be corn stone of their respective single class. If you really don't like the concept, just pass :-), you have many viable choices now 

    5) Potion of Luminous Adra. If you still want to use these abilities for specific encounters, you still have them. You usually want some of these potions in your quickslots for megabosses. This is especially critical for Vengeful Defeat because these are the battles where you will want more Rage. But yeah, these abilities are not meant to be spammed.

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  13. 8 minutes ago, Noqn said:

    Agh, noticed one thing. Strengthened Bond (but not Defensive Bond) seems to already apply correctly to NPCs in vanilla (it only checks for Defensive Bond & Character LV).

    We could add only Defensive_Bond_Pet without its Strengthened_Bond_Pet counterpart, but then Defensive_Bond_Pet wouldn't be removed by the vanilla table...

    I'll test a version which adds Defensive_Bond_Pet, and a corresponding table entry which removes Defensive_Bond_Pet without adding a new ability.

    Ok take your time. We're not in a hurry.

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  14. 2 hours ago, Noqn said:

    Hi @Elric Galad, I finally got around tackling this issue...

      Reveal hidden contents



    Download: Animal Companion Ability Fixes.zip

    Instead of editing the Progression Tables directly, I made a BaseProgressionTableAppend object for the Ranger table, as well one for each of the CharacterProgressionTable objects that included any of the abilities (apart from PT_Maia & PT_Maia_Ranger which actually had working conditionals...)

    With this implementation, I think you should be able to remove the "Highest Load Priority" package altogether and instead include these fixes in the base package 😀


    Here are the specific abilities appended to the character progression tables:

    lv8  DefensiveBond
    lv11 Strengthened Bond
    lv15 Survival of the Fittest
    lv17 Superior Camouflage
    lv8  DefensiveBond
    lv11 Strengthened Bond
    lv14 Survival of the Fittest
    lv17 Superior Camouflage
    lv15 Survival of the Fittest
    lv17 Superior Camouflage
    lv15 Defensive Bond


    Nice !

    I think I can trust you, you even pointed that Maia's auto-tables were working correctly, which I was not aware (but can be explainted from the game files).

    I will add this to next version. Better to avoid a cumbersome additional mod component with specific loading rules indeed ! 

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  15. 7 hours ago, Testlum said:

    Thanks for explaining, that certainly makes more sense. I've actually read that thread, but wasn't too sure still so I figured I'd ask.

    For reference, I believe you're talking about this post: 



    Keep in mind BPM Unbending % rate only benefits from Healing Received (not Healing Done, not Might, not Int, not PL, albeit the later two influence the main effect duration.

    It is also a bit better when taking damages repeatedly, but much less so than the original one.

    With fresh fruits and a single foe attacking you, you can expect around 2/3 health back. You need Unbending Trunk to hope full regen.

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  16. 1 hour ago, Testlum said:

    I'm trying to understand how Unbending is programmed in Deadfire. In the DPM, it's reworked to regenerate 50% of damage taken per 1s over 12s. So if you take one hit of 100 damage, assuming 10 Might, 10 Intellect and no bonus Power Level, you'd eventually regain 100 x 0.5 x 12 = 600 damage. Is this how the calculations work, or am I missing something?

    No it's 50% total over 12s in BPM. So, well, 50.

    There is a thread on this forum called Various Testing where I explain how it works in the base game. Annoying to post the link with a smartphone while carrying a baby, so Google is your friend.

  17. 5 hours ago, thelee said:

    i would kindly argue that it's not even a case of "meh => still good". For whatever restrictions any subclass has, bonus stacking PL is such a rare gift that I'll happily take it. Even Transmutation, which gets the lamest subclass bonus, I'll happily take +2 PL to things like slicken, pull of eora, petrification.

    Enchantment is probably the closest to borderline because of how most of its spells benefit weakly from +2 PL, but even then there's enough stuff I like spamming at +2 PL that I'll happily take it (it also has a pretty decent subclass bonus).


    you obviously lose out on some cheese options depending on the school (e.g. losing conjuration=>lose wall of draining), but i'm not sure how strongly to weight that when evaluating subclasses. (e.g. blood mage loses out on least unstable coil shenanigans but is still extremely powerful)

    Loosing enchanting means loosing a lots of small buff, especially DAoM which basically allows you to do MORE STUFF.
    Loosing conjuration means loosing summon.
    Loosing evocation means loosing the ultimate Tier 9 AoEs...


    It's not just about loosing a couple of cheese, I think. In addition there is this slight recovery penalty... Not much but adds up.

    That's why having bad special abilities feel wrong.

    But here we face a very subjective line between what is good, what could have been better and what is meh (and my perception is very influenced by what I've modded...), so...

    2 hours ago, Ouroboros226 said:

    So I was wondering @Elric Galad, you say base wiz and evokers are balanced. But are these classes not a liability in PoTD if you can not burst down enemies fast enough? Playing a herald time is on my side. What I fear if I play a wizard, is that time is against me, and a base wiz or evoker can risk being a liability. 

    I intend to skip the super bosses on my first current triple crown run. And try them on the next. I've heard evokers can basically one shot some bosses lategame. So that does help argue for them and not against them. That wizards are weak and become exponentially stronger. How do veteran players solve this? Having enchantment buffs to fall back to, to become a combat machine after nuking?  


    I really want to play either an evoker, or an evoker warlock next playthrough. But it kinda scares me ending up in a situation where my resources have run out, and the battle is tipped in the enemy's favor. Maybe the solution is just "Get good!" 😄 

    Ancestor's Memory from a Cipher buddy is the key here. Restoring a spell up to Tier 9 every 6s is kind of broken but it is the strongest uses of pure casters for long battles.

    But yes, it requires party support, from a class specialized in long battles.

    The key issue there is that (Mega)bosses battles are just poorly balanced compared to the rest of the game, in that they heavily favor a couple of classes (Chanters, support Ciphers) or subclasses (Blood Mage and Tactician) with infinite ressource.

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