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  1. The cipher powers recent buff sounds actually quite good. There are a lot of fun and diverse tools now.


    A nice and subtle change is what Obsidian did for Whisper of Treason and Tenuous Grasp. Now you have a CC followed by debuff versus a slighter longer CC with faster cast, but without debuff.

    Both are nice, you will probably not select both, but each of them has its purpose.


    Now it seems that Cipher are meant to be the top dog for Single Target CC.

    They have a lot of excellent spells for this, with slightly different uses (Whisper of Treason/Tenuous Grasp for quick and cheap CC, Mental Binding to deal more demage to the target, Puppetmaster for complete, quick and long domination, Silent Scream to kill some stuff around.)


    AoE CC are a bit less noticeable, but Amplified Wave is still valuable, and Mind Plague is still a crazy spell (It was the best cipher power IMHO, even if less convenient than the old amplified wave. Multi-target Hard CC with crazy duration is priceless.)


    They also have a wide range of (mostly) ally friendly AoE damage powers, from echo to Detonate, which is rather cool too. 

    But still no love for this poor stasis field ? 70 focus for a single target hard CC which prevents from attacking the target ? This power's concept is not bad, especially after adding immunities to the game (I don't think that a single creature is immune to stasis).

    My suggestion would be either longer duration or greater bonus to accuracy.


    60-70 focus will happen in most fights. Cipher will start at 45 at max level. So you barely have to deal about 45 - 75 damages to cast them (without even counting draining whip... or greater focus). That's not so much.

    But I agree major Power will become more rare. But I don't think it's so bad. Spamming Amplified Wave was strong but boring.


    But please consider that 10 focus from greater focus is a lower amount of focus if all powers cost more. It could be better to raise it to 15-20 bonus focus. 

    Anyway, I feel that 3.0 will make the class probably neither stronger nor weaker, but nicer to play. I was tired of spamming Amplified Wave.
    Nice job, Obsidian !

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