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  1. Yes




    Although it is steam bound.


    Some backers (those who paid to get one) will get DRM and service free physical copies of the game.

    Ok, thanks. The only thing that sucks is that copy is UK binded and nor european. Oh well, maybe with time itll come.

  2. When Obsidian launched their Kickstarter for PoE quite lot of first day backers spoke against backer only achievement, pet and item, but in that point there wasn't anymore anything that Obsidian could do as Kickstarter don't allow removing promised rewards on levels that have backers and when they promise something as reward they are actually legally binded to deliver it. Although if they decided to breach the contract that they made with backers by changing those rewards so that everybody that has bought the game can have them, then I would be quite surprised if somebody would sue them for breach of contract, but it would make at least some people think twice before they trust anything that Obsidian promises in future and  such thing isn't usually good for business.


    But anyway and on the actual point of this message, if somebody really wants that KS achievement and don't want use hacks to get it, then you are on luck as I have couple keys for the KS edition of the game and I am willing to sell them with quite reasonable price. If you are interested sent me private message.  :biggrin:  :biggrin:  :biggrin:


    Not interested not a backer :biggrin:


    Be careful not to post that on steam because they will eat you alive :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:



    Would some one please explain to me what a "completionist" is?  It does not  seem to be in the dictionary so I assume it is a word coined in Internet or game play usage.

    Since no one for whatever reason answered your question yet, I'll try:

    I believe "completionist" means player who explored every single area there is, killed every single enemy he was able to find, took and completed every single quest/task. Read every single book/piece of lore too, but that one is kinda irrelevant to current discussion. Here you go :)


    If that is the meaning then I am a completionist.  I like to explore, I like doing the side quests, so what is wrong with that?  I also like having quests I can't do for some reason or quests that have different options.  Choices that matter in the game are important to me.  I don't want to join every faction, be able to do every single quest in the game the first playthrough.  So what am I?



    Well I'm also like this. I hated a fact in Skyrim, for example, that I simply could join any faction with a single character witout restrictions. Restritions is what makes decisions matter but lore decisions towards immersion, not a hand holding you for every quest or not even being able to just kill anyone and accept consequences. Morrowind did it right. PoE also does it right! Non generic is a plus in my book!

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    And an exclusive backer achievement that prevents later buyers from getting 100%? 

    Um, what?


    As far as I know, achievements don't stop you from doing a competionist run.


    I've never understood completionists, nor Achievement Completionists.



    For me atleast it will be a bigger victory when I do the Triple Crown SOLO, thats a badass one :devil:

    Just to summarize, bottom line is, that like the people in that link I posted, not everyone will be happy and understand that that 31st badge is just a visual misconception of a true 30 unlock achiever. Its the other ones that present a chalenge, not that one. Also nobody is going to be called a noob because of this one, because its not even a chanlenge in game. But like ive said before, to each their own...and many are not like me or you and will always rage about this. Maybe next time it will be diferent...I just opened this up to make a point nothing more.


    Anyway, must thank the backers for this awesome game mates, because if weren't for you guys I would never see this awesome game surface :biggrin:



    Now if youll excuse me...I have a rogue to create :devil:

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  5. Well in my opinion, this was not the best way to recognize all you guys as backers. Im not a completionist myself, but I understand people have diferent motivations in games as in life. For many, they will never get past that visual misconception that 30 is completion even if you dont get the 31st achivement. And I understand and respect this. As I respect all backers (without them we would not have our game) maybe this particular pixel was not well thougth. I mean think about, does it have anything to do with the in-game experience. No. Will anyone that really cares ever get this after the 77k backers? No.


    This was not the fairest option imo, should have been something else guys. C'mon, take Warframe for example, The founders (Warframes version of backers) have exclusive content in game but not an exclusive badge and everyone is happy because they can unlock every badge. So many ways this could have done, in game exclusive quests, items...but a badge for an outside experience of the game? If one year from now an expansion becomes a big game seller and have 4 more times the sales, everyone will hold a grudge. This was not the best way to remeber you guys. Even a badge for meeting all in game backers would a been a better idea, just sayin :biggrin:

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