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  1. Here is the male one of who needs an attitude adjustment!


    Vrook cos of arrogence

    Zez Kai Ell cos he's too reasonalble

    Kavar cos he has no snese of style concerning hair

    Atton cos he don't care about hardly anything

    Disciple cos he's too trusting

    Mandalore/Canderous cos he wants to kill people

    Bao-Dur cos he can be sarcastic

    Carth cos he trusts no-one

    Zalbaar cos he doesn't speak about much

    Hanharr cos he is a mental carpet


    For me it'll have to be Vrook sinply cos fo the arrogence and not waqnting to believe people! He's forever in denial! Bastard!

  2. Hi


    I think its a tough competition!


    Mira cos she thinks she's the best

    Handmaiden cos shes childish

    Visas cos she's selfish (wanting the exile to stay with her)

    Atris for just being a b*tch

    Kreia cos she uses people to her own ends

    Bastila cos she's always moody

    Mission cos she can be snotty and childish

    Juhani for falling to the dark sid ein the first place

    Vash for dying instead of living!


    Ooooooo i would have to pick, Atris, she gets on my....ah never mind lol

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