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  1. Apparently off duty XP gain can be adjusted by changing value of StoredExperiencePercent in global.gamedatabundle.
  2. So I logged in to my months, if not years old account, and got the age form, where I filled January 1, 2019 instead of 1900, because you have reversed ordering, and then another asking for my parent's mail to get their consent, or else account will be deleted in 30 days...Now of course I could provide a fake mail and impersonate my parent, but come on, this is ridiculous.
  3. I think the lift stays for a limited time and the guards mention it before they send you down, so this is not a bug. You can either reload or continue and exit via Undercroft or Delver's row, though approaching NPCs there for the first time from the Old City may trigger unnecessarily hostile or nonsensical reactions from them.
  4. Nope. Single-class Wizard at lvl 20 will be able to decide between around 40 spells before swapping grimoires. For ex., Aloth had a pool of 39 different spells . With two named grimoires in his quick item slots he could cast almost every good wizard spell. He could use 17 spells before empowering his pool -- 23 by equipping the Grimoire of Vaporous Wizardry (8,000 cp).* How is 20+ spells per encounter out of a pool of 40+ spells not a 'toolbox'? Because on every tier you either pick spells that are usable under most circumstances or that tier's casts are wasted, and then if you pick such generally usable spell on given tier, there is no point in picking another, more niche spell, especially if you can pick some useful passive instead (admittedly, single class wizard/priest do not have many), because you will most likely want to cast that generally usable spell anyway and will not have spare casts for the more niche spell even under circumstances it would be usable. So actual number of tools in a toolbox roughly equals number of tiers. I would pick 0-1 spells per tier with priest/druid and 0 with wizard, because otherwise wizard should respec every time grimoire overlaps with learned spells, or he is wasting skill point. Compare with chanters or ciphers, who can spend their resources on spells from any tier, they can pick up 3-4 spells from single tier and use all of them multiple times in single encounter, skip some tiers completely or make up their toolbox entirely from relatively niche spells and just use whatever fits situation. Not that current spell system is entirely bad, I think it partially contributes to the fact that fights are more drawn out, which I like (in PoE 1, even hard fights ended too quickly and were basically decided within the first few spell casts), but wizards/priests/druids could have more leeway with spell casts. Perhaps being able to spend their higher tier casts on lower tier spells or something like that.
  5. I have been experimenting with some abilities by attacking civilians in Wild Mare and noticed that cipher's Pain Link can badly backfire, because when I cast it on party member who was murdering captain Radora, who was cipher herself with Psychic Backlash passive, my cipher got stunned every time she hit that party member. I can understand why it happens, but do not think it should.
  6. I prefer not to charm enemies because it has substantial hidden costs; enemies receive your buffs, heals, do not receive debuffs, damage, can not be flanked and, what annoys me to no end, can push party members out of formation while moving from A to B (terrible pathfinding only exacerbates it). On the other hand, while I did not play 1.1 yet, I have been playing with scaling mod + xp reduction mod and pretty much everyhting I meet has higher level than my party and especially early fights like Gorecci street or Engwittan digsite were remarkably difficult. I won them by spamming cheap 10 focus Whispers of Treason + Withdraw (that 20 sec stun is so crippling that the spell has more utility as CC than heal) just before Whispers wore out. Of 1st tier spells, I would pick also Soul Shock, damage seems to scale well and goes against reflex, which can be debuffed by Eyestrike (also tier 1) or Mental Binding (tier 2), or both, Eyestrike is long lasting. Perhaps even Valorous Echoes, with 2 ciphers in party, so they would buff each other on combat start.
  7. The number of skulls doesn't matter, boars are merely bodies. They have a slow attack speed, a slow attack animation, a slow movement speed and they don't have engagement, so they can be evaded and kited around. Also give Eder Xoti's chain mail, boars do pierce damage and these guys overpenetrate his saint scale armor. He can now tank 30% better The skulls absolutely does matter because it impacts their defenses and accuracy. You aren’t going to beat that fight with 3 skull boars swarming you with story companions only and a chanter PC I would have to tinker with the settings but I don’t use mods so it must have something to do with scaling - I’m about to get there in a no scaling job so we will see how it goes this time That’s a good tip for the armor type though for sure Just tried it with scaling, since I've learned this: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/101735-something-i-havent-seen-mentioned-about-new-patch/, and second try against 3 skulls with Skald and companions. I don’t understand this post - are you saying you reloaded and did the fight with 3 skull boars and level 4 story companions? How did you recreate this? And I didn’t see anything in the thread that covered the scaling - is that the issue? Or were you playing on veteran l? (Adult) boars in the video, judging from stats, are level 5 with PoTD bonus. He has scaling off, but that should not matter. What stats do you have in your game?
  8. It is the same on Linux, therefore unrelated to Direct X. However, even though CPU gets very hot, CPU cores are evenly utilized at only ~30%, so I would not blame CPU, rather GPU, which is on the same heatpipe. I will check CPU usage during some battle later to be sure. Also, effects such as waterfalls (Maje, Neketaka), some explosions and spells (probably chill fog) degrade framerate considerably.
  9. Besides, right at the start you are given choice to either hunt down Eothas or else. Considering who it comes from, it would take quite some resolve to refuse, and low intelligence characters have to see they do not want or else to happen to them. So I think low res/int characters are okay, RP-wise. Also, low intelligence is desirable for evil Watchers, as it can amplify harm done. I mean, clever villains would sometimes do good deeds to further their evil goals, while stupid villains would harm everyone around even if they did not really benefit from that.
  10. Creepy terms of use. Anyway, I noticed that some encounters are scaled too much. For example, thugs that stop party (level 6) while traveling between districts of Neketaka are levels 7-9 in vanilla, and ~12 in modded game. If zone was level 1, then in vanilla they would get +4 to what would then be 3-5, and with the mod +5, in which case they would be 8-10. If they got additional 2-3 levels as a bonus, numbers would be about right. On the other hand, it shows certain weakness in scaling system in cases like this, when zone level and monster's' level differ.
  11. Oh, I run into this too. Learning about robbery from Tiela before Redora apparently makes it impossible to complete without lying. Which I rarely do and it does not even make sense in this case. So I will leave it unfinished for now.
  12. Nexus apparently requires signing up with them for download. Would you consider moving the mod somewhere else, in case you make new version?
  13. In search for a missing person, I entered Oathbinder's Sanctum and found an arquebus on corpse by ooze pool. When equipped, this arquebus gives small debuf icon next to character portait, which none of my other arquebuses does, but not the -5 accuracy penalty. Compare: If game is saved/reloaded with this arquebus equipped, debuff next to portrait sticks even after arquebus is unequipped. Obviously it is cursed. Then I was ambushed by some aggresive slime and noticed two things: 1) Ishiza was flanked by slimes. Flanking is defined by state of being engaged from opposite sides, but as a bird, Ishiza has engagement immunity and therefore should be immune to flanking as well. Granted, combat took place in the pool, i.e. slog zone, which may have played a role, but then again, Ishiza is immune to slog zones as well. On top of that, slimes, as ranged monsters, did not appear to be able to engage anything at all. Speaking of flanking, in the same dungeon, Eder was flanked by bugs (I am not sure if these were able to engage) and remained so after combat ended. I had to reload earlier save. 2) Slimes had intellect and resolve affliction immunities and indeed were unaffected by Tenuous Grasp. On the other hand, could be debuffed by Psychovampiric Shield which is non-affliction flat out decreasing resolve. I presume Miasma would work too. That is intended behaviour?
  14. It is in your stash. Water needs to be moved from stash to ship inventory to add to water counter.
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