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  1. I have tried this multiple times now and nothing seems to work dialogue or battle-wise.

    I seems to just be BS somebody incorrectly posted somewhere that has spread around as fact. but they also mention on gamepedia and PoE wiki that convincing them to leave rewards you with a Sky Wurm pet in PoE II so I don't know what to believe. no one has responded on these Obsidian forums or Steam that they actually got the "mortally wounded" dialogue to trigger.

    Took me ~10 tries to get through killing the Sky Dragon without also killing the Wurmling. Finally have completed it a few times with the Wurmling still at 100% health and it just does not trigger any in-fight dialogue.

    I really wish someone from Obsidian would actually comment on if this is actually a possibility and what attributes or actions are needed.

  2. The resting mechanic in the game is one of the most horrible mechanics I have seen in an RPG, it needs to go.


    • It screws up the flow of the game
    • This plus the annoying fetch quests add  tedious
    • It is UNFUN
    • Forced to go through loading screen hell..and loading screen hell...and loading screen hell.....
    • Makes no sense at all, you have a limited stash, but you have limited camping supplies?
    • Makes no sense at all 2, camping supplies break down after one use?  
    • Mages are screwed over the most compared to the other classes, you are forced to just play a gunslinger with your rod/wand instead of a mage class
    • The previous RPG's mages worked because you could rest anywhere/anytime
    • It is unnecessary punishment.


    I remember when they mentioned resting in a kickstarter update way back and thinking "That sounds like a bad idea", after playing it in action, it is not only a bad idea, it is a horrible bad idea that should have never been implemented at all.  Forcing everybody to play a tedius style of play is not fun.  There should be a switch to turn this off for those who do not want to play this.   


    Added a bit to the game having to watch how many spells I had left and how many camps I could set before having to head back.

    A lot of the time I ran into extra camping supplies and made it a pretty far way without having to return to a vendor but there are areas where you will have to oblige, quit your mission and go stock up. It's a mechanic of the game that works and does add that slight layer of "difficulty", or tedium might be a better word. It's not like the enemies will respawn and you have to fight back through them. It only makes it so you can use up your spells and some actions, so it isn't quite as easy to plow through the game. The mage would be ridiculously overpowered if you could just spam your strongest attacks on everyone over and over. So now you have to manage them and who deserves the strongest.

    And yes, camping supplies would be used up after one use; firewood, food, tinder, etc.

    cavemandiary is right.

    Theurgist, no offense but the way your complaining sounds like you'd be happier just button mashing mage attacks over and over? All I can imagine removing the mechanic would accomplish is cutting a few hours out of the game. It's already short enough.

  3. quote, Arch-Mage: "Now, for whatever reason, I think animals still dropped gold and potions and such, which was.. odd"


    when animals or non-human enemies drop things meant for human use I always had it in mind that they had killed or eaten another adventurer and these items were in their stomach or stored on them as a type of "trophy". not like a wolf was carrying around potions and coin for it's own use.

  4. one of the things i love about Titan Quest. every one drops the weapon they used against you and most drop the armor they were wearing at the time.


    is definitely more realistic than an enemy having a big sword to fight you with and then dropping some random item.



    Why is there a pistol in lvl 12 of Od Nua? THIS IS RIDICULOUS! What is this, some sort of ancient adra pistol? No, it's a FINE PISTOL, transported to the long time sealed, eldritch vaults of Od Nua via the magic of illogical loot placement!

    pretty sure i remember there being a couple conversations stating that the vaults were being entered by looters or others over the years. why couldn't one of them have dropped the pistol?

  5. I can't believe I haven't seen any fan created content yet.


    I haven't been able to locate any editing\modding tools for Pillars of Eternity. All I see on Nexus and other sites for mods are edited txt files for changing stats and ingame actions.



    Please tell me you guys here @ Obsidian have a couple hundred hours of expansion content and 30+ levels to raise our cap, at least planned anyway, if we can't create our own additional content.

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