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  1. you do notice that I wrote I didn't know nothing about spoilers and now this thing comes ...
  2. For me at least, this is really the evolution we needed from Infinity engine games : beautiful rendered backgrounds combined with dynamic lightning, endless character creation and development, reputation system, stealth, day/night cycle, scheduled NPC's and so on. Really from the renaissance of the latest games, this for me is the closest to late 2000. Now just bring us Arcanum 2 pls ! :D
  3. About writing and story : sure, you can tell no MCA is there anymore , none of my fav companions are back : Durance, Grieving Mother, but the stuff that's left is still great, plus I feel like the world is big, I am level 10 with my characters and, just like with Fallout or Arcanum, I feel that I have a lot more to do in the game.
  4. I think going full 3D would really hurt this game. Sure, Divinity looks good but not as beautifully detailed as Deadfire, also the constantly rotating of the camera annoys me.
  5. Thank you Obsidian for making this game better then I have hoped! I didn't had time to watch it grow, made, beta-testing and so on...I just come back from a voyage and start playing. It has everything I missed in POE1 like pickpocket, schedules for NPC's, random encounters and a beautiful travel system. But there is so much more : the voice acting for every dialogue really helps us with bad eyesight, the graphics is comparable to the beautiful Commandos game (only with dynamic lighting). My only request would be to be able to also increase the font of the dialogue system. Other things I like : better music, better loading times and the AI script. Can't wait to see future updates and DLC!
  6. I can't wait to go home from voyage in order to play Pillars2 but I don't mind the game being shorter. Fallout 1 could be considered short and it's still a great game. I really hope it will be a good game since POE1 holds something special in my heart. I don't know what it is but I finished that game 6 times and could always find different solutions to quests and new things.
  7. did they improve upon the loading times? I started a new game without IE mod and I could swear the loading times are shorter. Without an SSD mind you.
  8. https://eternity.obsidian.net/eternity/news/pillars-of-eternity-definitive-edition-arrives-november-15th-for-pc-mac-and-linux how come nobody talks about this here?
  9. 1. Arcanum; 2. Fallout 2; 3. Pillars of Eternity; 4. Underrail; 5. PS:T; 5. Fallout : NV;
  10. I would love to see random encounters like in BG series, Fallout, Arcanum. I was so let down when I noticed we don't have that in Pillars one, also low IN dialogue would really make for an interesting play.
  11. Thank you for the patch! what about the prizes? Who won? Can we trade the prize for a Tyranny key ? :D Pretty please!!!!! Where is Pillars of Eternity 2 ?
  12. Dear Obsidian developers, First of all I have to say that I am a big Pillars of Eternity fan, I have the game with both expansions and I have spend over 400 hours in. For me, it's one of the best CRPG's in the last years along with Underrail. I love the perspective, the graphics and the fact that it is a role playing game with multiple outcomes. Feedback about game : I have to say that The White March was a lot better then the main campaign mainly because there was a lot more reactivity in it. Combat : the hardest for me was the dragons and the final battle with Thaos. Feedback about communication: 1. How have we been at communicating with you guys? I have no problem whatsoever. 2. What did you like about us? I like the fact that you didn't lie about no console port like InXile did with TTON. 3. What kind of things would you like to see us improve on? Of course faster patching and less bugs.Pillars of Eternity is already the first Obsidian game that has so many patches post release. 4. What would you like to hear from us in the future? Pillars of Eternity 2 announcement and the release of Tyranny this year. 5. Additional thoughts? Keep making RPG's based upon this engine with tons of reactivity so we will play them at least 4 times, but please improve upon loading times! Additional Information: Are there any bugs that we missed you would like to see fixed that is not appearing in this list? Let us know about the top 5 bugs you would like to see fixed for the official 3.04 update and how we can reproduce them. I already stated a bug that is still not ironed out :http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/79967-106-beta-and-still-no-fix-for-the-resize-of-log-window/ I encountered a new one when I start a new game and point near the character portrait the window showing Strange Illness keeps bouncing up and down very fast.
  13. Pls try to fix the bug I have reported since release : http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/79967-106-beta-and-still-no-fix-for-the-resize-of-log-window/ Other then that ! Keep up the great work and can't wait to start a new play!
  14. I already played past 400h and never got the bug fixed that I post it since day 1 : my log gets resized every time I start the game. Other then that, thank you Obsidian for not treating fans like InXile did with their TToN. Keep up the great work! Can't wait for Tyranny and PoE2. And Arcanum 2! :D
  15. I sacrificed Zahua in the blood pool and then I found him in Stalwart by the fishery. He has like green background on the text ( almost like backer npcs )and I can talk to him but not recruit him Is this a bug?
  16. No worries but I also have another reported bug about the combat log/dialogue log that resets in size everytime I restart the game. That is annoying.
  17. It's the same bug as I encountered when I first finished PoE (the only difference is that they happened in ending slides). All the dialogue from this quest only starts from middle or end of the sentence.
  18. Why don't we have an icon to show when we are side scrolling like the arrow in IE games?
  19. I sure do hope it will have references to Eora like Baldur's Gate 2 has reference to the planes of Torment and Icewind Dale.
  20. does this have to do with the new Tyranny? Seriously what is the hold up?
  21. how can you become an adoptive father? I think ti's the quest with the baby in act 3 in Twin Elms. Can't wait to try this.
  22. Every time I exit to main menu it sounds like the Paladin Zealous Focus is activating. This started with 3.0. Tested on 3.02 beta.
  23. used the uninstaller and now the problem is solved. I will never use IE mod again. Look how much time I played like this
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