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  1. LOL!


    These mofos are *charging* people to install their more than likely spyware/adware filled piece of crap "software bundle".


    I'm surprised to see that they didn't have Fallout 3 listed though.

  2. That site is utter BS, Pirates rule. Even though this site is obviously not serious and made by a kid who's now probably alot richer than most people I feel I must get all worked up about it and go off on a rant!


    Here are some real fact about Pirates:


    Pirates get the money

    Pirates get the power

    Pirates get the women


    Pirates still exist today, some of them became baseball teams and others changed their ships for either Harleys or Computers.


    Their enemies include Taxes and the RIAA.


    Blah Blah Blah

  3. It would be even cooler if you could pump yourself full of various "stimulants" and then you start trippi... err.... "meditating". Then you have "visions" like Jar Jar growing out of T3-M4's antenna or your lightsaber looking like the biggest, tastiest popscicle in the galaxy.

  4. I'll wait a few years(decades?) for the super deluxe limited edition fuel injection pinto grande 6 in 1 mega Star Wars package.


    Maybe after Lucas is dead, one of his adopted children will go back and make Han shoot first, Stormtroopers slaughter Ewoks and make Qui Gonn decapitate Jar Jar the moment they meet.

  5. "The Manual of the Planes" has been out for about three years now.

    Does it support Sigil?


    Safety Disclaimer: That's just a question. I don't own the book and am curious about it.

    Sigil is only mentioned in the MotP, about a third of a page of text IIRC.


    But the upcoming Planar Handbook seems to be bringing back Sigil in a more significant role.

  6. Liberals are corrupt, I don't trust the Conservatives to do any different/better and the NPD obviously aren't going to win much. So it's the Bloc again for me. And could be interesting to see them have the balance of power if there's a minority government.

  7. "Bringing balance to the force" was dead on. Except that the moronic Jedi thought balance was a good, moral thing. Balance doesn't give a crap about concepts like good and evil, in fact, it lacks the very faculties required to be able to "give a crap" at all.


    They ended up with 2 dark side dudes (Vader and Palpatine) and 2 light side jedi(Yoda and Obi Wan). That's balance for ya. Then Luke showed up and again, Anakin brought "balance" to the force by taking out Obi Wan.


    And after yoda died, Anakin brought balance AGAIN by chucking the emperor into that pit. Then he croaked.


    So the prophesy was right but the Jedi interpretation was totally wrong. So yes, the Jedi had it coming because they were stupid.

  8. so why did malak "grudgingly" took the role of the apprentice? there was no need to do so- they just could have been sith equals.

    I presume because he still needed to learn from a master...just because there were more than two Sith in this period doesn't mean you don't have to learn your skills/powers from someone more knowledgeable than yourself.


    Hence the Sith training grounds you visit.

    Simplify man!


    Darth Malak was "grudgingly" being the apprentice of Revan because there can be only one head honcho in an organization such as the sith deal Revan had going.

  9. Hmm... it might explain why Carmack was funding a private orbital spaceship-thing project! He didn't like that the US and UK went to his competitor and their inferior game engine designing talents to get their space aline game!


    Carmack is going to intercept the aliens with his private orbiter and save us all! or something.




    Anyway, I thought DNF was taking forever to come out because Bruce Campbell hadn't made a movie they could steal one-liners from in a long while.

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