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  1. https://i.imgur.com/Fo9fWsU.jpg


    +50 bonus vs blind and dazzled is nice, rest is rather weird. Average speed, 10% to cast Blind or 5% for Finishing Blow looks nice on paper, and paper only. Shadowing Beyond 1/rest ? At least it is Superb after 3 upgrades and you can get it quite fast.


    Do i miss something or it's not worh switching from dual daggers ?

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  2. Would be funny if an alpine dragon had sky dragon eyes and adra dragon scales. That shield is meh, but the bow is probably the best war bow in game. Confuse on crit? How is that not awesome?


    Rename Adra Dragon scales / Sky Dragon eyes to Dragon Scale / Dragon Eye, add one of those to drop list, problem solved.


    Could you please post the picture of Sabra Marie ? Mine after beta patches and rollbacks is kinda weird (original drop):



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  3. I just finished adding most of the info in this thread to the weapon category pages on the wiki. A lot of it was already on there, just scattered around in odd places.


    Still missing the following:




    Delem Raŵdha


    Morning Stars:




    Traitor's Merit



    Long Feller


    Danulya - Od Nua, Skeleton on the wall in a room full of spikes (lvl 9 iirc)

    Long Feller - A reward from At the Mercy of the Tribes (Cwineth)

  4. I've finished PoE on hard, every quest done and every area discovered and doublechecked on search mode. 0 gloves of manipulation. Game decided to give x3 Gloves of Might/Boots of Speed/Ring of Unshackling/Ring of Searing Flames and x2 Broad Belt of Power/Gridle of Mortal Protection.

    Not only that, Azzuro came to my Keep with Rimecutter/Wurmwull twice(!!) and once with Hiro's Mantle/Scath Gwannek. Now the best part - before finishing the game, i went back to the keep to sleep few time and see if he can give me something else. He came ! With another Rimecutter...

    I understand the logic behind some RNG loot (i guess it was implemented to prevent people from visiting locations for certain loot; you do it anyway for major loot tho...) but really, they should at least add some kind of script preventing the loot doubles.

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