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  1. Have you, by chance, Winds of Steel in your Journal? If so, that may be the cause of this issue.


    The good news is that the problem has been addressed in the upcoming patch. The bad, well, it's not quite out the door yet - we hope to have it live tomorrow.


    Here's more info on this:




    Ok, it appears the reason this is broken for me isn't like everyone elses, but it is because the stack of weapons also found in the crypt never spawned or appeared. I saw a "Lets Play" video on youtube where when they opened it they were inside with the spear...I actually have a save file right before opening the crypt and talking to the spider guy but no matter what I cant find this weapon stack.


    Is there an input code or something I can just use to place it in my inventory? I don't care if it blocks my stupid steam achievements I just want to play the game.

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  2. Can we get an expedited fix on this? A date? Anything? My last save before seeing where I can prevent this bug was at 16 hrs played, my current save where I'm trying to advance is at 26hrs played! That's 10 HOURS of playing I'd have to do all over? With the same characters, no surprises, knowing everything? No way do I have ANY desire to do that with the same party and I sure as heck don't want to start over. I invested so much time with this group.

  3. Hey guys,


    So my game is at the point where I am trying to gain an audience within the animancy hearings in ACT 2. I have the quest from the Dozen to retrieve the engwithian weapons from the ruins. I went to the ruins, got the spear, but never received a quest update. I have the spear in my inventory and I'm standing infront of Weden and he keeps saying come back with the weapons. I've tried two methods of having it enchanted with my soul (Killing the spiderman) and without it, leaving the spiderman alive.


    The problem here is the crucible knights wont give me their quest and the Doemenel's hate me from the beginning after killing some of their guys early on. So my only option is to progress with the Dozen. Since the quest "The Bronze Beneath the Lake" is the only way to move it forward, I cannot complete or further progress my game.


    Here is some more information -


    I was offered the quest "Bronze Beneath the Lake" prior to having Lady Web tell me to get favor with a faction. I opened the ruins but never completed the quest, as it was too hard. I progressed the story, got told by Web to help a faction, so I went and completed the steps for Bronze beneath the lake. I retrieved the spear and looted every single container in the place. No quest triggers or advancements.


    My Bronze Beneath the Lake currently reads - "If Wenan is right, the ruins of Lle a Rheman contain a cache of powerful weapons. I'm sure I'll know them when I see them"



    Anything would be appreciated, even a work around of just getting past the stupid hearings. I really do not want to start over, especially since I have NO IDEA what caused this bug and how to avoid it.

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